Healthy Outdoor Activities For Seniors From a Gahanna Retirement Home

Time For Some Fun Under The Sun!


This summer, residents at the Sage Park Assisted Living Facility is getting outside and stimulating both their physical and cognitive health. Of course, they’re doing this while also having a ton of fun! It’s time to catch some sun rays and explore the many activities in the great outdoors that make residents at Sage Park feel good–in their brains, bodies, and spirits! Keep reading to check out what residents of this Gahanna retirement community are up to this summer in the great outdoors.

Keeping It Simple

Sometimes, the best things to do outdoors require little more than the clothes on your back, and maybe some good company. At Sage Park, there are secured walking paths and well-tended, enclosed gardens that encourage a daily stroll while also keeping in mind the health of residents. Seniors can take a walk outside in these secured paths, allowing them the freedom to engage with nature and stay active. Plus, a simple walk outside, perhaps with a fellow resident or staff member, is a great opportunity to socialize and fight off the feelings of loneliness or isolation that seniors may experience.

Another simple way of enjoying the outdoors and relaxing is sitting in one of our many outdoor spaces, like park benches and other seating areas, and enjoying the fresh air. Residents can socialize, bird-watch, play a game, or even bring some snacks for a small picnic outdoors with friends or staff members. This is a great idea for residents who may be less capable of pushing themselves physically, but still want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. There are opportunities for residents of all different physical and cognitive abilities at Sage Park because we believe that every resident deserves a unique, customized approach to health care, and a chance to enjoy the simple things, like getting outdoors.

It’s Social Hour!

Some of the best outdoor activities are done in the company of others! At Sage Park, residents can engage in staff-led games and discussions outside, from friendly trivia to group discussions about anything under the sun. This summer, residents are taking their social hours outdoors, because what’s better than enjoying a good group discussion or a little friendly competition in the fresh air and warm weather! Residents can check the weekly schedule at Sage Park to explore all of the social activities that are offered, and choose which ones sound the best to them.

Ready to Get Active?

Seniors also can use this summer to get outside and get active! At Sage Park, there are many staff-led classes like basic yoga, mobility exercises, and more that are offered for our residents! There are accommodations for all levels of physical fitness so that everyone can participate in the way that they feel most comfortable. Whether it is simple chair aerobics and stretching, or intermediate yoga movements, there is something for everyone at Sage Park. The warm weather and lush green outdoor areas make the perfect setting for residents to get their bodies moving, and work on supporting their physical fitness. Plus, the professionals on staff are always there to offer a helping hand!

The Classics: Yard Games

Is it really summer if you aren’t outside tossing cornhole bags, or throwing horseshoes? Classic yard games like these are the perfect outdoor activity for everyone. Sage Park offers these games in the form of group activities so that residents can engage in these simple athletic games, while their safety is also being cared for. So seniors can get ready to grab their sandbags, a few friends, a refreshing drink or two, and hit the yard!

It’s Time to Enjoy Summer!

At the end of the day, the important thing is that seniors are taking advantage of the warm weather and beautiful blooming nature that comes with these summer months. Whether it be reading a newspaper on a park bench, or identifying the types of flowers in the community gardens, there are a million simple things that can be done outside to keep the brains, bodies, and spirits of seniors in good health. Above everything else, seniors should remember to do what makes them feel good because, at Sage Park, we believe keeping residents happy and healthy is the top priority.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Sage Park, contact our friendly team today.

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