How Our Memory Care in Beachwood Improves Resident Well-Being 

Windsor Heights offers cutting-edge memory care programs

How Our Memory Care in Beachwood Improves Resident Well-Being

The team at Windsor Heights in Beachwood sets the bar high when it comes to memory care. Specifically, it is their life’s work to ensure that those with dementia are afforded the same compassionate, luxurious retirement experience as their peers. Here’s how they do it.

First, because moving can be traumatic on those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, the community offers a multi-level care structure that promotes seamless transition between levels of care. This gives residents the opportunity to stay in the community – alongside familiar, trusted caregivers – despite changes in their physical or cognitive ability, promoting a sense of safety and security and avoiding disruption in their lives.

Apartments and common areas are designed according to Circadian Rhythm concepts, using lighting, furnishings, and decor to promote familiarity, comfort, and calmness. Although the science behind it is complex, the result is really quite simple: residents feel at home at Windsor Heights. It is our hope that when they step into our community – and especially into their suite – that they feel the same warmth and comfort they felt at home.

Staff receive specialized training, empowering them to cater their interactions to the needs of the memory-impaired residents by incorporating gentle touch and positive reassurances into every encounter. The person-centered programming extends to outdoor areas, which are secure and monitored to give residents the opportunity to explore independently if they’d like. By offering secure outdoor areas, residents never have to wait for scheduled outdoor time to enjoy the smell of fresh air or the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze. As a secondary benefit, residents remain active – which comes with a myriad of additional advantages.
Because evidence shows that participation in purposeful daily living activities can give memory care residents a sense of purpose, life skill stations replicate the chores that many of our residents remember fondly – folding towels, baking cookies, and gardening are just a few examples. The life enrichment program, offered above and beyond life skill stations, gives residents the opportunity to participate in intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual activities throughout the day. Residents choose the activities that speak to their interests and no resident is ever turned away; in fact, the schedule is designed specifically for those with memory impairment.

Finally, Windsor Heights incorporates memory care into every detail down to the nourishment your loved one receives in their care. Working within the recommendations of Rush University Medical Center and the MIND Diet, the executive chef and his culinary team provide meals and snacks designed to reduce the risk of develop Alzheimer’s by up to 53% and help those who already have the disease maintain cognitive function longer.

To learn more about memory care or schedule a tour of the luxurious Windsor Heights community, visit us online or give us a call. Our friendly staff are standing by and look forward to meeting you and learning more about your needs.