How Our Pharr TX Assisted Living Programs Promote Better Health

Residents Enjoy Outdoor Pools and More


Seniors face a number of barriers when it comes to their health and wellness: achy joints, poor mobility, and imbalance make it challenging to do many of the workouts they did in their younger years. Lack of access to expert advice, gym equipment, and even outdoor areas brings another complication, and for those experiencing cognitive decline, confusion and short-term memory problems add to the challenge. And ironically, health and wellness become more important than ever before during these years.

For all of these reasons, we’ve designed the programming at The Gardens at Brook Ridge around the health and wellness needs of our residents. Every aspect of their experience here is intentional, backed by research, and focused on affordability and feasibility for residents in all stages of the aging process. Here are just a few of the ways we promote better health at The Gardens.

Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Research shows that being outside transforms our physical, emotional, and spiritual health: it improves short-term memory, reduces stress, decreases inflammation, eliminates fatigue, fights anxiety and depression, protects vision, improves focus, lowers blood pressure, stimulates creativity, reduces risk of cancer, and supercharges the immune system. The Gardens at Brook Ridge incorporates a beautiful outdoor pool, babbling fountains, walking paths, and breathtaking gardens to encourage residents to spend time outside and reap the health and wellness rewards that come with it.

On-Site Gym

One of the barriers to maintaining strength and mobility in later years is the lack of access to safe equipment. The Gardens at Brook Ridge offers an on-site fitness center featuring the most recommended equipment for seniors, making it convenient to get in a quick workout. Additionally, many residents utilize their gym time to get together with friends and neighbors, promoting social wellness at the same time.

Fitness Classes

Another common barrier for seniors is simply not knowing where to start. Many of our residents have spent their lives caring for others and had little time to care for themselves, leaving them unsure of how to stretch and strengthen safely and effectively. Group walks and group fitness classes help bridge this gap by providing residents with the guidance and support they need to improve their strength and range of motion in and out of the gym.


Our robust activity schedule includes weekly sports opportunities for residents. These sports are designed specifically for seniors, taking into consideration the limitations that reduced mobility or cognitive decline bring to the table and ensuring everybody is able to participate if they choose. While residents are able to choose which activities they participate in, we find that participation in our Wednesday-night sports is always great. Residents enjoy socializing, competing, laughing, and getting active before supper.

Outdoor Pool

Swimming pools can take a load of aching joints and make exercise feel like self-care. The Gardens at Brook Ridge is one of the only communities in the Pharr, Texas, an area offering a luxurious outdoor pool to promote physical and social wellness. Those who want to soak up the sun can do so in the sparkling outdoor pool.

To learn more, give us a call at 956-606-4919 today. We can’t wait to show you around!

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