How Our Tucson Memory Care Facility Beats the Heat of the Summer

Memory Care Residents at Higher Risk of Heat Injuries

How Our Tucson Memory Care Facility Beats the Heat of the Summer

The sun burns a little hotter in Tucson than it does in most places, which means enjoying the summer sun requires a little more planning for us than it does for other folks. Here’s how we’ve been beating the heat this summer while still enjoying time outdoors.

#1 – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Residents who are memory-impaired are at highest risk of dehydration, so staff make a concentrated effort to encourage fluid intake when it’s hot outside. One of the most effective strategies we use is offering a drink with every single encounter; we find when we offer, they often accept our invitation and enjoy a cold drink of water. We also replenish ice often to keep their water cold and palatable and offer fun, creative drinks from time to time to make hydration exciting.

#2 – Enjoy the outdoors after sundown

When it’s too hot to sit on the lanai during the day, we plan our outdoor activities around the heat. For example, an evening game of bean bag toss or some early morning birdwatching might be on the agenda instead of mid-afternoon gardening. This strategy keeps us from spending summer months cooped up inside, missing out on all the benefits nature has to offer.

#3 – Let residents choose their comfort zone

If you’ve ever shared an office, you know that “room temperature” means a little something different to everybody. Individually-controlled suites ensure that every resident can enjoy air conditioning and choose their own just-right temperature. We gauge comfort often by asking questions like, “Are you warm enough?” or “Would you like it a little cooler in here?” and then respond accordingly by adjusting the thermostat, grabbing a warm blanket, or hanging up the cardigan for a while.

#4 – Use the excuse for a sweet treat

Sweet treats are the stuff of summer and cold sweet treats can not only be reminiscent of childhood but also help residents stay cool and hydrated. We might hail an ice cream truck or order sweet treats in advance to help residents cool down and celebrate the heat the summer.

#5 – Prevent sun burn

Sun burn is a top concern during the summer months in Tucson, so we make a focused effort to protect our residents’ skin while they enjoy the outdoors. We encourage hat and sunscreen use (and help residents apply it), offered covered spaces for outdoor relaxation, and remind residents to don their sunglasses and protect their eyes. Residents are monitored for safety when outdoors, so staff intervene if they notice any safety concerns.

Memory impairment can make Tucson summer dangerous. By choosing a community designed especially for residents who at risk due to memory impairment, you provide your loved with an opportunity to enjoy retirement the way they always wanted to without risking safety and security.

To learn more about Copper Canyon, our Tucson Memory Care community, stop by today. We’d love to schedule time to show you around, introduce you to our residents, and give you a taste of our gourmet menu.

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