How To Find The Best Denver Retirement Communities For Your Loved One

The Best Tip We Can Give: Start Your Research Early


Finding a retirement community in the Denver area for your loved one can be a tough and emotional process with many important factors to consider. And it’s certainly a decision you don’t want to rush. It’s important to spend adequate time exploring all possible options, so that you find a community that is safe, engaging, welcoming, and a good fit for your loved one. Whether your loved one needs to transition to a retirement community soon, or you are wanting to get a head start on the process of finding a future community for them, there are a few factors that you should consider to find the best fit. Here are tips from Belleview Heights, one of Denver’s best retirement communities:

Determine Level of Care Needed

One of the very first things you should do when looking for a transitional assisted living or memory care community for your loved one is determine the level of care that they need or will likely need in the future. This step can help narrow down your search quickly. They will likely need one of these care options:

  • Assisted Living and Personal Care: for those who need a higher level of individualized care services, ranging from medication management to assistance with daily activities.
  • Transitional Assisted Living and Memory Care: for those who are starting to experience early stages of memory loss and require more nuanced cognitive care than available in assisted living or are already experiencing Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

Explore Services Offered

Related to the care level that your loved one requires, you will want to look at the various services, amenities and activities that each retirement community has to offer, such as:

  • Dining services
  • Assistance with things like medication management and grooming
  • Life-enrichment activities, such as exercise classes, educational experiences, spiritual opportunities, therapies, socialization opportunities, etc.
  • Transportation services
  • Moving assistance
  • Resident escorting
  • On-site nurses
  • Memory care programs

You will want to make sure the community you choose will promote independence, support overall health, stimulate the mind and body, and provide the physical and emotional support your loved one needs.

Take A Tour

Get up close and personal with each community by taking a tour. By going on an in-person tour, you can get a real sense of if the community will be a good fit by exploring the grounds, meeting community members, understanding the location, and learning about its specific offerings.

Refer to Reviews and References

A great way to understand if a community is a good fit and lives up to its offerings is through those who have lived there. To learn more about other people’s experiences at communities, be sure to check out their reviews online for any red and/or green flags. You can also consider asking communities to share contacts for references that you can speak with directly and ask any questions you may have.

Consider the Location

Where a community is located is another relevant factor in the process of finding a community for your loved one. In one sense, you should look for a location that is near you or other family members so that you can easily visit your loved one. In another sense, you also want to consider what the community is near–such as hospitals and doctor’s offices–to ensure they can receive medical care without a far commute.

Transitioning your loved one into a retirement community is a big change that requires a lot of research. You want to make sure that you put ample time and effort into deciding what is best for your loved one so that you make the right choice the first time. Be sure to consider what your loved one wants and what they need when making the decision.

At Belleview Heights, we pride ourselves in working closely with prospective residents to ensure that we will be a good fit for them, because their needs are our priority. If you’re looking for a memory care and transitional assisted living community near Denver for your loved one, please schedule a tour of Belleview Heights Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living, near Denver, to see all that we have to offer.

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