How to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

How to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet


Every new year is a new chance to make positive changes in your life. As a retiree, you have more chances than most to make… this happen. Without having to worry about work or a source of income, you can concentrate on living your life to the fullest and making 2016 your best year yet. Consider the following tips to help you on your journey and get started on those New Year’s resolutions – building a happy, healthy lifestyle and making the most of your time and energy.

Be Well

Many people underestimate exactly how much of an impact wellness has on your ability to achieve happiness in other aspects of your life. The way you take care of your body has resounding implications on your energy levels, susceptibility to injury and illness, and your general mood and lifestyle. Although it is a broad category, “wellness” includes many subcategories ranging from healthy eating to engagement in moderate exercise, to the importance of detecting any illnesses you may experience and working with your doctor to figure out a treatment plan.

Eating right is about making sure that you get the proper balance of essential vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, as well as a diet containing healthy amounts of all five food groups. Especially for those more advanced in age, proper nutrition is essential; as your body’s natural systems gradually begin to break down. Supplementing your diet with all of the nutrients you need to maintain healthy bones, blood and organ systems is a necessity.

High blood pressure and heart disease are the top threats to your health, and both of these can be countered by maintaining a healthy diet that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables and low in sodium. Osteoporosis can be fought with calcium supplements, and failing vision and hearing indicate a need for more essential vitamins and minerals, which can often be found in daily supplement capsules. If you have any other issues, make sure to speak to your physician to develop a comprehensive plan that will not only treat your current problems, but maintain your future wellness for the year to come.

Eating well doesn’t just involve eating healthy. It also means filling your life with a variety of foods that you truly enjoy. The key is mixing it up; although you may feel tempted to get the same thing every time out of habit, trying something new stimulates both your mind and your taste buds, creating a new experience that will help you enjoy the food beyond just the bare nutritional value it provides. If you’re looking for a gourmet dining experience in retirement, look no further than our food services menus.

Wellness includes more than just nourishing your body. It also means feeding your mind and soul, and engaging in meaningful exercise regularly. Whether you ride a bike, take time to meditate, or volunteer in your community, caring for your body and mind is key to making 2016 your best year yet. In that spirit, our wide range of wellness activities includes physical activity such as cardiovascular exercise, strength training, yoga, and Tai Chi. Furthermore, mind wellness classes, seminars, and workshops cover topics such as how to improve range of motion, ways to increase circulation, techniques to decrease pain, weight management, and medication education. Our spirit wellness programs allow you to make a difference through volunteering and charitable donation events for a range of causes.


Make 2016 your best year yet by engaging in your community and learning something new. Studies show that stimulating your brain is the best way to improve your mood and overall happiness and sense of purpose. Therefore, take it upon yourself to attend activities you are interested in and meet new people. Learn a new language; attend a community workshop on gardening; go to a concert; visit a museum. Get out into your community and engage with all that it has to offer.


Travel is one of the greatest perks of retirement. Without a regular job to tie you down to a work schedule, you have all the free time you could want to explore the world we live in on your own terms. Make 2016 the year you visit a new city, state, or country. Whether with a tour company or simply by exploring on your own, expose yourself to new experiences and cultures. You don’t have to go far to travel, either. “Staycations” can help you learn more than you ever thought there was to know about your local area, even if you’ve lived there for decades. And, if you’re worried about money being tight, you can travel all around the world on a budget.

Move forward

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