How to Make Friends Wherever You Go

How to Make Friends Wherever You Go

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Our world is becoming smaller and smaller every day. With so much technology and connectivity, you can video chat with your cousin in Alaska and your childhood friend in Germany with the click of a button. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and call someone to meet for coffee later in the day.

It’s much easier for children to meet new people and make new friends. After all, they spend the majority of their days with others in their peer group. Once you’re out of school, it can feel like those opportunities aren’t as readily available. Maintaining friendships can be a powerful component in the lives of most people, and it is also important for your health. Studies show that loneliness is related to functional decline and a decrease in overall health for those older than 60. So, how do you make friends now?

With a little know-how and investigation, it’s easy to find long-lasting friends and keep in touch at any age – in any location.


Finding Friends Close to Home

  • Make a list of your favorite hobbies. Do you like running? Or, would you prefer picking up a book or crochet hook? Consider checking out groups based around the activities you love to do. Sharing common interests is a great foundation for a solid friendship. You’ll be able to regularly keep in touch as you’ll be seeing each other at regular meetings and group outings. Sunshine Retirement Living’s wellness program offers an extensive list of classes, seminars, and informational events, where you can learn more and get to know others who have the same interests.
  • Relive the school days. If you took part in any collegiate or high school clubs or activities, look to see if the group has an alumni association. Most higher learning institutions, as well as different fraternities and sororities, have groups for those who have already graduated. Not only will you make new friends of all ages who have a common bond, but you may even reconnect with former classmates.
  • Speaking of school, take some classes and learn something new. Whether you check out a local community college or take classes through the local senior center or municipality, you’ll likely pick up or sharpen your skills while making new friends.
  • Take charge. If you like to volunteer, offer to spearhead the next event. Maybe a local homeless shelter has a fundraiser, or an animal rescue group wants a volunteer to help keep their inventory under control. Making a deeper commitment to a cause you care about will not only help your favorite charity, but will give you the opportunity to meet new people.


Meet Friends in Other Destinations

  • Stop by a different Sunshine Retirement Living community. Through a unique travel opportunity, Sunshine Retirement Living allows you to visit one of the network’s 16 different communities in eight states. You can stay for up to seven nights, with three daily meals and local transportation included.
  • Take your volunteering to a new level. If you like to travel, consider volunteering on an aid trip in another country. Your skills can make a significant difference in the lives of others, and you’ll have the chance to learn about another culture while getting to know people from around the country.
  • Become a jet-setter. Being uncoupled doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Many companies and services will help lone adventurers find travel roommates. You can often choose from a wide variety of themed trips, including art or adventure, which are both educational and entertaining.


The Best Tips For Finding Friends

  • Be assertive. Bring your phone along and ask people for their phone numbers. It might feel weird, at first, but as you become more outgoing you’ll find it easier to connect with people you’ve met.
  • Be positive. Go into any situation expecting to make friends. Having a positive outlook and eager personality will help you seem more approachable.
  • Be open to new possibilities. While a 15-year age difference seems huge between a teenager and toddler, as we get older we start to realize that age is just a number. As you meet new people, you may find quite a few new friends who are significantly older or younger than you. Give them a chance and you may be surprised.
  • Be willing to take the first step. Most people don’t feel comfortable talking to a new person or giving someone a call to get together, but that’s the first step toward making a new friend. Start to develop that skill. Wherever you are, whatever you’re up to, you’ll be able to make new friends.

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