How To Move A Parent To Brookfield Memory Care Quickly And Easily

Use These Tips To Move Your Mom or Dad To Memory Care While Avoiding Stress

How to Move Your Parent to a Memory Care Stress free

So you have decided to move your parent to a memory care community that can better serve their needs. That is a big decision, and we understand how important it is that you choose the right facility and have a strong process in place for the transition. Lakewood Assisted Living and Memory Care Community in Brookfield, Wisconsin is dedicated to ensuring that moving your loved one to our community is as quick and easy as possible. Here are some of our best tips:

Have the Conversation Early

Relocating your loved one to a retirement community can be a difficult subject to broach, especially if family members have differing opinions about whether or when the move should occur. By opening the conversation with your family early on, you will give everyone time to do their research and respectfully present their opinions. If your loved one is able, include them in the conversation about moving while they can give informed input about what they want. By suggesting the move prior to implementing it, you are giving your family and loved one the opportunity to take their time digesting this new information.

Pack for Them to Minimize Stress

After living in their home for years, your loved one likely owns a lot of things. They probably own much more than will fit in their new home at Lakewood, but that is not a problem! Downsizing is great for memory care residents because it is less overwhelming and stressful to be in a clean and clutter-free environment. However, your loved one may not love the idea of letting go. Consider packing for them rather than having them help if you think this could be stress-inducing for them.

Personalize Their New Space

Once you have arrived at Lakewood and are bringing their things in to unpack, make their new space feel like home. Bringing some personal items such as photos, artwork and their favorite blanket. Having these personal items will help them feel at home and more comfortable in their new space. In fact, communities like Lakewood will assist families with decorating new residents’ rooms so they are familiar, safe spaces. This can help memory care residents to recognize and feel comfortable in their rooms more easily since their space has all of their belongings and photos of their family members on the walls.

Minimize Anxiety Around Moving

Routine is key to keeping those experiencing memory challenges comfortable. Unfortunately, moving is the ultimate routine-changer. But there are ways to make the process more comfortable for your loved one. On moving day, follow their normal daily routine as much as possible. Schedule the move during a part of the day when they are typically relaxed and in a good mood. If you can, ensure that familiar friendly faces are present on moving day to make them feel comfortable.

Stay Connected With Visits (Virtually or Otherwise)

After you have moved your loved one in, try to visit as much as possible! By staying in touch with them, you can address any concerns that come up, such as homesickness or anxiety, that are normal after a big life change. Staying in touch also gives reassurance to your loved ones that you are not abandoning them and truly just want them to be safe and cared for here at Lakewood. These visits can also be virtual if needed! Even a video chat or a phone call helps show them you care.

Be Open to Reassessing the Situation if Needed

Sometimes the move is too stressful for a loved one or parent. They may need to adjust where they live to another room that has a better view of the outdoors, or they may need to have more of their belongings with them. They may also need someone to come visit during the day for the first week or so to help keep them comfortable. Rest assured that the expert staff here at Lakewood is prepared for any and all changes that need to be made to help your loved one feel safe and comfortable with us. Our main priority is the safety, health and happiness of our residents.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Lakewood, contact our friendly team today.

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