How to Plan a Summer Picnic at Retirement Communities in California

Bask in the sunshine and create lasting memories with your loved one with a summer picnic!


There’s nothing quite like California in the summer. The warmer mornings, beautiful flowers, and sunny days can make just about anyone want to spend most of their time outside. We have seven amazing California Retirement Communities across the state. It seems like every time summer rolls around, the nature surrounding our communities gets more and more beautiful! If you or your loved one are looking for a simple yet highly enjoyable outdoor activity for the summer in California, how about a picnic? Keep reading to learn how to plan the perfect summer picnic that everyone will enjoy!

Pick Your Spot

Our retirement communities in California are in the cities of Novato, Folsom, La Mesa, Chula Vista, and Antioch. Based on the area nearest you, take a look at any surrounding beautiful parks or beaches that you think would make a perfect picnic spot. If you aren’t sure where you’d like to set up for your next outdoor lunch but you know you’d like to have water nearby, take a look at these ideas for the best beaches for picnics in California!

If you’re researching a picnic spot to spend time with your loved one from our community, don’t forget to consider the accessibility for all ability levels, such as the type of terrain and the inclusion of ramps, before choosing your destination.

Plan Your Menu and Supplies

While it was likely enjoyable scoping out, doing research, and deciding upon the location for your California summer picnic, planning what you’ll be eating is arguably more fun! Here are a few common picnic meals and snacks that are portable, easy to assemble, and delicious:

  • Sandwiches (meat and cheese or chicken salad sandwiches are great options)
  • Fruit and vegetable assortment like strawberries, mini carrots, celery sticks, and grapes
  • Pre-cut cheese and crackers
  • Juice or water

Once you’ve decided on your menu, you’ll then need to decide on what additional supplies may be helpful. Here are some possible supplies you might want to bring for yourself or a loved one:

  • A large basket or box for transporting food, beverages, and supplies
  • A blanket or portable chairs
  • Pillows to make sitting on the ground more comfortable
  • Bags for wrappers and other trash
  • Napkins and paper plates
  • Cups and cutlery
  • Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses
  • Games or activities

Get Talking

You’re almost ready to head out on your summer picnic! You’ve decided on your location, planned your menu, and gathered your supplies. But what will really make the most of this picnic experience is thoughtful and meaningful conversations between you and your loved ones. If you think you may need some help facilitating conversations, consider bringing books, magazines, favorite photos, or other items you or your loved one enjoys. Asking questions and truly listening to each other can build relationships and make this summer picnic a fun outing that you will never forget.

At each of our California Retirement Communities, we know how important getting sunshine can be for anyone’s mental health and mood. Living in such a beautiful state with sunny weather all year long makes getting in some outdoor time pretty easy! We hope these tips for planning a perfect summer picnic in California were helpful for you. Give these picnic planning tips a try and let us know what you think!

For more information on any of our beautiful California Retirement Communities, or to schedule a tour with us, contact our team today!

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