How To Practice Self-Care In Our Senior Communities In Massachusetts

The best tips to take care of your mental and physical health this fall!


Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated! At our Sunshine Retirement Living Massachusetts retirement communities, we pride ourselves on providing our residents with exceptional service and wellness opportunities–without making it complicated. A big part of this top-notch care is making sure that all of our residents have the opportunity and knowledge to make the most out of each and every day. We believe that self care plays a large role in making the most out of their experience with us. Our expert team has created this list of self 5 care tips to try this fall so that each day can be your best!

Exercise Daily

Exercise is crucial to an overall healthy lifestyle, which is why we added this to the top of our list. Staying active can help improve mood, strength, and can even help you sleep better! We know that everyone has different interests and ability levels, and that is why all of our Massachusetts communities offer various group physical activity opportunities. From walking groups to yoga classes, there is a little something for everyone at our luxurious communities! Be sure to incorporate some sort of movement into your daily routine, and watch how it impacts your general mood and overall health.

Eat Well

Diet is another key contributor to overall mood and physical well being, which is why our Executive Chefs prioritize nutritious, healthy meals for all of our residents. But that doesn’t mean these meals are boring–in fact, our residents can’t stop raving about them! To incorporate more healthy meals at home, the internet is your best friend. Search for healthy versions of your old favorites. You may even find a few new healthy recipes or ingredients to try!

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, but also for having the energy to enjoy retirement to the fullest! One of our best tips for self care is to prioritize sleep and actually get into a bedtime routine. Whether that is implementing a skincare routine before bed, or simply setting aside 30 minutes to read, relax, and unwind before sleep, taking time to prioritize rest and recovery is vital. We recommend setting a specific “bedtime” each night and sticking to it. That allows your body to recognize the pattern and begin to wind down for sleep at the same time each night, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Set Aside Time To Relax Throughout The Day

We know life can be busy, overwhelming, and sometimes outright stressful. That is why a major component of self care is making sure you set aside time to relax and destress. We know that this can look different to everyone, which is why implementing a specific time each day to listen to music, meditate, watch tv, or do any other activity that you find relaxing! A great way to do this is by working on mindfulness techniques, and letting go of external stressors during your relaxation period. There are great resources available online, like Mindful, if you are interested in learning more about mindfulness.

Make Time For What You Love

Our last tip for self-care is probably the most important, and that is simply to make time for what you love. Stop putting your hobbies, friends, family, or other activities that bring you joy on the back burner. Make a conscious effort to do the things you love and be present while they’re happening.

All of us here at Sunshine Retirement Living want our residents to make the most out of their golden years, and know that self-care, alongside the exceptional care provided at our various retirement communities in Massachusetts will help them do just that.

For more information, or to schedule a tour of any of our Massachusetts independent living communities, contact our friendly team today!

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