Independent Living in Hot Springs, AR is Heating Up This Summer

Independent Living in Hot Springs, AR is Heating Up This Summer


6 reasons seniors take the plunge this time of year

Any time is a good time to explore the lifestyle you want, but we see a peak in new residents in early summer. Here’s why.

#1 – To take advantage of comfortable temps

Taking the plunge now means you can pack your things and get them moved before we hit those July and August highs or those December and January lows in Hot Springs. April, May, and June offer temps ranging from about 50 to 89 degrees, making moving easiest for those who don’t want to be exposed to extreme hot or cold.

#2 – To get out of yard work

When you move in late Spring or early Summer, you take full advantage of the gardening that comes with independent living communities, which means you can enjoy beautiful grounds and green spaces, contribute to those projects in whatever way you choose, but never feel tied down as the work continues when you’re on vacation or not in the mood to spend time weeding.

#3 – To avoid those air conditioning bills

Predicting your monthly expenses when you live at home (often on a fixed income) can be a challenge. Not only do you have to plan for major appliance repairs and regular home maintenance, but air conditioning in the summer months can cause unpredictable hikes in your energy bill. A number of our residents have shared that knowing those air conditioning bills were just around the corner was a factor in their decision; it helped them justify the retirement lifestyle they want and make decisions without delay.

#4 – To access affordable travel for the summer

It’s during these months that many of us aim to see places we’ve never seen before or go visit our loved ones who live far away. Many of our residents start exploring their options in the spring so that by early summer they’re settling in and making plans, taking full advantage of our travel program. Country Club Village’s travel program offers residents the opportunity to travel to 26 other sister communities nestled into some of the most beautiful cities in the United States, enjoying free dining, lodging, and activities while they’re there. This allows residents to cut down on travel costs, enjoy adventure, visit loved ones, and make new friends all year long. Independent living also supports travel by ensuring your home and yard are maintained while you’re away.

#5 – To enjoy the summer months

Retirement communities offer an adventurous and luxurious lifestyle marked by fewer responsibilities and obligations and more opportunity to make new friends, soak up the sun, and experience local culture and events. Early summer is the perfect time to move into an independent living community so you can enjoy access to tons of local events, all of the summer fun within the community, free local transportation, and camaraderie with neighbors and new friends.

#6 – To eat barbeque they didn’t cook themselves

Even those who love to cook often find that cooking becomes a chore during the hottest months of the year. Independent Living offers you the best of both worlds: the option to cook when you’d like to and the option to enjoy gourmet meals and snacks prepared by a chef when you’d rather not. Because 24/7 dining is included in the regular cost of rent, there is no increase in cost when you choose to “dine out” and enjoy the meals offered by the community.

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