Winter Meditation from Our Senior Living Community in Orange County

Learn some amazing mindfulness techniques this season!


Activities that improve the body through exercise are important, but taking care of the mind is equally as important! Practicing ongoing mindfulness strategies allows your loved one to experience the best quality of life. One of these practices, meditation, can lower stress levels, alleviate pains, and improve focus. Here at Park View Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care, our community features its own Sensory Spa, which includes therapies that encourage our residents with memory care needs to improve their focus in a variety of ways. Take a look at these winter meditation tips for either helping your loved one or yourself incorporate a regular meditation routine this winter!

What it is and Why it Works

Simply put, meditation is the act of thinking deeply for a period of time. It’s the practice of focusing the mind to aid in relaxation. The main goal is to direct your attention to your breath, so you can stay more present in the moment and less focused on the plethora of to-dos. Meditation can be meaningful for your loved one for its calming effects. You may find their patience improves, as well. Another benefit of regular meditation is the mental space and tranquility it provides. As you or your loved one begin the journey, it’s normal for it to take some time. The mind will be less and less likely to wander the more you do it!

Choose Your Style

While all meditation serves the same general purpose of helping to focus, quiet and calm the mind, there are several different styles. One style that’s great for beginners is guided meditation. This is when you listen to a scripted audio that tells you what to visualize, such as a relaxing babbling brook. Another meditation style is the body scan. These focus on mentally scanning through from head to toe, tuning into the sensations you may be experiencing. A final meditation style is focused on affirmations. This style involves reciting affirmations focused on kindness to boost self-esteem and confidence. Based on your loved one’s needs, give one or two of these a try, and see what comes of it!

Simple Steps to Follow

The practice of meditation is simple, but it can be a little daunting to know how to start. Here’s a quick 7-step guide that will help you as you begin with your loved one:

  • Find somewhere to sit that is quiet and comfortable.
  • Set a timer for just five minutes.
  • Find a stable seated position, such as sitting in a chair with feet on the floor, and close the eyes
  • Encourage your loved one to follow the sensation of their breath as it goes in and out
  • Help your loved one notice when their mind has wandered, and remind them to simply return their attention to the breath every time
  • Help them also to refrain from judging themselves for having their mind wander
  • When the timer goes off, help your loved one notice any sounds in the environment, notice how their body feels, and their thoughts and emotions


Keep at It

The most important component of meditation, especially at the beginning stages, is to just keep going! It may feel unnatural at first. As you encourage yourself or your loved one to keep trying, each of you can start to reap the many benefits meditation provides. The best way to ensure meditation becomes a habit is to do it on a regular basis, even if it’s just a minute or two. This kind of intentional behavior towards mindfulness can add meaning and purpose to you or your loved one’s life.


Meditation is an extremely accessible method of self-care. Here at Park View Estates, regular use of our Sensory Spa promotes additional self-care by assisting them in recalling past experiences. We hope these meditation tips give you a great starting point.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of our amazing Park View Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care community, we’d be happy to set up a tour!

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