Assisted Living in Evans: Caring for Residents Mind, Body, and Soul

Marshall Pines Plans Wellness Events for Residents to Enjoy

Assisted Living in Evans: Caring for Residents Mind, Body, and Soul

Hollywood has done quite the job giving the public the impression that assisted living facilities are routine, ho-hum, and boring for residents. When many people think of assisted living, they think all that residents have to enjoy are tiny televisions perpetually set to the local news, staring out of windows at the same old views, and, if they’re lucky, the occasional card game. But at Marshall Pines Assisted Living facility in Evans, nothing could be further from the truth.

Marshall Pines Assisted Living & Memory Care facility is located in Evans, Georgia, and boasts that it is “not just a memory care facility, [but rather] a memory care community.” And the staff certainly proved as much during August, when everyone at Marshall Pines celebrated Wellness Month.

The staff at Marshall Pines planned a wide variety of activities for Wellness Month, touching on every area of residents’ wellness: education, arts, exercise, mental wellness, community service, and good old-fashioned fun.
Several educators visited the facility this month to teach the residents about various wellness topics. A Registered Dietitian spoke to residents about the importance of protein in their diet. And during the session, each resident got the chance to sample a natural protein supplement drink.

Another expert educated the community about heart health. Residents got the chance to listen to the instructor’s heart before heading outside to sit in the sun. But they were not just trying to get a tan; they learned that they were activating their skin’s ability to produce Vitamin D when exposed to just a few minutes of sunshine per day.
Residents also enjoyed a variety of opportunities to move their bodies during Wellness Month. Yoga class was certainly a hit, but it seems that dance-based fitness is the fan favorite around Marshall Pines. The group participated in their Toe Tappin’ Rhythm class, a Zumba fitness class, and a “Keep it Moving” exercise class that included music by the Temptations.

But don’t think for a moment that Marshall Pines neglected their mental and spiritual wellness during Wellness Month. The community also got the chance to immerse themselves in art with painting therapy. They also got creative by hand-painting clay pots and creating personalized photo cards. The residents enjoyed listening to classical music and a short story reading, as well.

Marshall Pines residents also had the opportunity to participate in a guided meditation session with CheVonne’s Garden of Healing Arts, a wellness and massage therapy practice. Participants experienced the sounds of music, drums, bells, and chimes during the session, which promoted relaxation and mental well-being.

Wellness Month also included giving back to the community. Residents packed up a surprise gift of school supplies for students starting the year at Sue Reynolds Elementary School in Augusta, Georgia. And they also gave back to their Care Partners by offering them lemonade, cookies, cards, and gifts to show their appreciation.

And, true to their commitment to residents’ total wellness, the staff at Marshall Pines made sure to put the cherry on top of Wellness Month by giving their residents plenty of opportunities to simply enjoy life. Some furry friends visited the community, and it was tough to tell who enjoyed it more: the residents who loved the adorable pets, or the pets who were reveling in the attention. And anyone with an August birthday was lucky to celebrate with a community-wide 50s-themed birthday party, complete with bomber jackets and red plaid tablecloths reminiscent of a classic burger joint.

Marshall Pines’ Activity Assistant explained to the residents that entertainment is more than a chance to take a break, but also a crucial component to overall wellness. The residents learned that laughter can help eliminate stress, anxiety, and sadness, and can increase quality of life and longevity. Upon hearing that lesson, one resident decided to boost the health of the entire community by walking up to the front of the room and sharing jokes that made everyone roar with laughter.

With all of that activity packed into just 31 days, it’s easy to see that Wellness Month, like every other month at Marshall Pines, was anything but routine and boring.

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