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Use These Tips To Stay Healthy During Your Golden Years

Stay Healthy with All-inclusive living and memory care

Those who maintained a healthy lifestyle during their younger years may also carry through healthy living to their golden years, but it is never too late to get started! Healthy living does not have to be rigid, boring, or even difficult. With just a few minor changes, you can start feeling better and moving more so you can get back to enjoying yourself as you did years ago.

Starting healthy habits now can increase your quality of life. Healthy habits can also make a difference for those who are prone to illness or who did not make the healthiest decisions in the past. Consider these five healthy habits for you to start today from the expert team at Central Parke in Mason, Ohio.

Eat Healthy Meals

This tip applies to people of all ages, but specifically, when you are older, your digestive system slows down which can make it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight, avoid digestive issues, and more. A high-fiber diet full of healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is your best bet at keeping a happy digestive system. For seniors, it is also easier to become dehydrated. To combat this, consider investing in a fun, reusable water bottle that you will love to carry around. You are helping save the environment by reducing waste and will drink more water to prevent dehydration!

Move Your Body Regularly

Exercise offers tons of physical health benefits, but it also can dramatically improve your mental health as well. Especially for seniors, moving your body can help prevent depression, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, and help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes. It also helps you stay moving longer. An exercise program approved by a physician that involves walks, stretching and other low-impact movements can help you remain nimble and lean which keeps you independent and active longer.

Take Your Healthcare Seriously

As seniors age, the need for more medical appointments and medications may increase. Although going to the doctor might not be fun, it is important to take it seriously. We believe the best form of healthcare is prevention, so consider getting those yearly physicals, annual flu and pneumonia shots, and health screenings. Do not forget about your dentist or eye doctor! You should be visiting your dentist every six months and your eye doctor at least once a year. We also recommend having an easy-to-understand instructional document and hub in your home where you can store all of your medications and take them as prescribed.

Get Enough Sleep

As we age, insomnia and restlessness are more common. Having a well-established nighttime routine is more important than ever to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Here are a few tips:
First, turn off any screens a couple of hours before bed to encourage your brain to produce melatonin. Blue light from computer and TV screens tricks our brains into thinking it is still daytime, disrupting our sleep patterns.
Second, turn down the lights in your home to spur drowsiness. Consider having just a lamp on in the room you are using.
Third, make sure your bedroom is comfortable, cool, and quiet, so when you decide to go to sleep, your room is ready for you.

Spend Time with Family

This might not initially seem like a “healthy habit,” but maintaining family relationships is important for mental and emotional health. Spending time with those you love helps keep your brain sharp and happy. Studies show that seniors who have an active social life are less likely to develop depression. Make sure you are being safe and protecting yourself when you are visiting with loved ones and consider using virtual tools instead to maintain that connection from a distance.

Being healthy does not have to be hard, time-consuming, or dramatically uproot your life. Incorporating a few easy habits into your daily routine can make a huge difference in your quality of life, keeping you active and healthy into your golden years!

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