Memory Care Activities To Do This Season at Our Ohio Retirement Community

Stay Active Both Mentally and Physically This Season!


It’s nice and toasty in the midwest, which can sometimes leave you and your loved one feeling a bit tired from the heat, especially when it’s humid out too! At our Ohio Assisted Living Communities, we have plenty of activities to keep our residents occupied and stimulated throughout the year, while also beating the heat. If you’re looking for fun activities to ensure you or your loved one close out summer with a bang, then keep reading for ideas from Sunshine Retirement Living Communities in Ohio!

Weekly Physical Activities

At each of our Sunshine Retirement Living communities in Ohio and throughout the US, you’ll find a variety of physical activity opportunities. Staying active is a key component of maintaining and improving one’s health–that’s why we prioritize it in our communities! Keeping up with your physical health has a multitude of various benefits, such as improving mood and sleep, increasing stamina, increasing balance and coordination, and increasing overall strength. No matter what your or your loved one’s level of capability may be, we have something for everyone. From armchair yoga to volleyball to walking club, you’ll surely be able to find something to partake in with peers in the community!

Local Birdwatching

On a beautiful sunny and 75-degree day, it’s hard not to take advantage of being outside! The later summer and early autumn months are a great time to take up the peaceful hobby of bird watching. All you need is a local park, some binoculars, and curiosity! Feel the peace of watching birds in their natural environment, keep track of the different types you find, and over time keep track of the differences in species that migrate in and out of the area throughout the seasons. Want to stay within the community? No worries! Our communities feature great outdoor common areas as well!


Get your hands dirty and reap the benefits of a great fall harvest with gardening! Summer is the perfect time to start gardening in Ohio, because it’s just in time for those vegetables that’ll be ready to harvest in the fall like spinach, beets, carrots, radishes, and turnips. Our Ohio Retirement Communities are equipped with garden beds for our residents to use, so no need to worry and wonder about where you or your loved one would even plant your favorite vegetables. Whether a seasoned professional or want to see how green of a thumb they have, all are welcome to start gardening! We even have it included in our weekly activity calendar so our residents can garden alongside their peers!

Get Involved In Our Community Activities

The best part of our community? You don’t have to do any of the planning! Check out the ongoing activity calendar and choose what feels inspiring to you that day. Our community offers a variety of activities to entertain our residents and engage their minds. Are you looking for something relaxing? Check out our salon or movie room! Are you looking for something to stimulate the mind? Join us for bingo or participate in our Virtual Reality Bucket List program to explore bucket list journeys and experiences your loved one has always wanted to complete but all within the comfort of our community.

There are so many ways to make the most of your summer in the Midwest. It’s easy to stay busy and have fun when you’re living at one of our Sunshine Retirement Living and Memory Care Communities in Ohio!

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