Memory Care in La Quinta is Fully Customized and Person-Centered

Caleo Bay Offers Research-Backed Memory Care Programming And Amenities

Memory Care in La Quinta is Fully Customized and Person-Centered

Everyone wants the best for their loved ones, especially when their loved ones need special care. And when your loved one requires memory care, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options available. Luckily, Caleo Bay Assisted Living and Memory Care Community in La Quinta, California, provides extensive, personalized memory care programming for their residents, all backed by research and focused on their residents.

Specialized Memory Care Programming

Caleo Bay’s Alzheimer’s, Memory Care, and Transitional Care programs are designed to nurture the physical, social, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional needs of all residents. The community’s programming is built on the six “Sunshine Pillars of Wellness.” That means each resident can receive not only assistance with the regular activities of daily life, but also support in the following areas: physical engagement, social connections, spiritual support, intellectual discovery, sensory stimulation, and emotional expression.

The community certified Life Enrichment Director also leads to engaging daily activities, weekly on-site social events, and fun cultural excursions as part of a researched-backed health and wellness program. Residents can enjoy programs such as music therapy, aromatherapy, validation techniques, health and wellness activities, and life skills stations.

Even the dining program is designed for the particular needs of memory care residents. Caleo Bay’sdaily menu incorporates foods from the Rush University Medical Center MIND diet, which fosters brain health. Entrees are served on colored plates to stimulate appetite, and a server greets each resident individually with multiple daily menu choices. The MIND diet, in conjunction with the community’s many Memory Care programs, is intended to help hold off memory issues for as long as possible.

Thoughtful Community Design

At Caleo Bay, everything from the community’s grounds to the residents’ apartments are designed with residents’ safety and comfort in mind.

For memory care patients, the average home or apartment presents safety concerns. Conditions like dementia or other memory concerns may affect a person’s spatial awareness and balance, meaning that everyday home features become much more dangerous. Normal items such as throw rugs, kitchen appliances, differences in flooring or elevation, and showers without safety features such as handrails, could cause accidents.

And while it is possible to modify the home to limit these risks, at Caleo Bay, seniors’ living spaces are specifically designed to alleviate these concerns. Apartments are designed with consistent, flat flooring, accessible bathroom safety features, and safety pull cords to keep residents safe and comfortable. Residents also wear location-based pendants to provide their loved ones with peace of mind. And the community grounds are designed to be both safe and secure as well as conducive to residents living a full, engaged life.

24/7 Access to Experienced and Dedicated Staff

At Caleo Bay, your loved one will never be alone, which means you’ll have complete peace of mind. The community’s staff includes an experienced executive Director, a licensed Director of Nursing, a licensed Memory Care Director, and a certified Life Enrichment Director. Professional staff are available 24/7 to assist residents.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Caleo Bay today, contact our friendly team.