Memory Care Residents Stay Active in This Pharr Retirement Community

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Staying Active This Summer As Seniors Pharr TX

Residents of The Gardens at Brook Ridge are all staying active this summer thanks to the many amenities offered at our resort-style community! At this senior retirement community, there is a wide variety of ways to stay active, from group exercise classes to strolls across the beautiful grounds! Keep reading to learn about how our nursing home keeps our seniors fit and healthy through endless opportunities to stay active this summer.


If your loved one is looking to soak up some rays in the Texas sunshine, look no further than the walking paths that stretch across the grounds of The Gardens at Brook Ridge! Many seniors use these paths to take relaxing strolls with friends, and more ambitious residents can even use the paths for exercise while exploring the grounds of the community. Our outdoor facilities are a great way to reconnect with nature, get some Vitamin D, and remain active this summer!


Another great outdoor resource for your loved one is our swimming pool! Residents can swim laps, float with friends, do water aerobics, and play fun games in the shallow end, all while staying cool and safe from the heat. The safety of participating seniors is also always taken into consideration — there are floatation devices offered so that if a long day in the pool becomes tiring, your loved one will always be kept out of harm’s way.

Fitness Classes

If group exercise sounds more appealing to your loved one, we also offer a weekly schedule of physical activities for our residents! Seniors can stay active by busting a move during group Zumba, a favorite of the community. Participating in the weekly fitness classes is a great way for residents to stay healthy, active, and in-tune with their bodies this summer. These classes are also offered indoors, so no need to fret about overheating in the summer sun!

Wii Fit

Finally, thanks to the fun opportunities that new technology is always offering, your loved one can now stay active by participating in Wii tournaments offered at our retirement community! Seniors can revisit their youth by engaging in athletic play, all from the safety of our facilities. Residents love to join in on tennis, bowling, or even golf tournaments with fellow residents, friends, family, and staff. It’s a fun way to stay active and fill the afternoon with some friendly competition!

The Gardens at Brook Ridge: A Place To Play For Everyone

These opportunities to stay active at The Gardens at Brook Ridge are available to all residents, and they can choose which ones they enjoy the most, or are feeling up to partaking in. Pardon the sports pun, but the ball is in their court! Furthermore, this list is by no means exhaustive, as there are many other methods to remain physically active available, and seniors can even explore nearby off-campus options through our day excursion programs if they are looking to adventure a bit further.

If your loved one is looking for a place to retire that has opportunities for remaining active and rediscovering their playful spirit, check out The Gardens at Brook Ridge today! Seniors shouldn’t let their age stop them from engaging in athletic play, and no matter what their level of fitness may be, there will always be a place for them to stay active in our community.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of The Gardens at Brook Ridge, contact our friendly team today.

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