Navigating the Stress of Caregiving from Our Ohio Memory Care Facility

Take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved one.

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Being a caregiver can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling callings in life. As true as that may be, the workload can also lead to extra stress. Here at the Central Parke Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community, our staff is expertly trained in assisting individuals with memory challenges. While we care deeply about our residents’ social and emotional wellbeing, your mental health matters to us, too. Take a look at our tips for navigating stress as a dedicated caregiver!

Eat Healthy Meals

Our first suggestion can be both a preventive measure and an ongoing defense mechanism: eat your fruits and vegetables! It can feel tempting to indulge in comfort foods when we feel stressed, but proper nutrition is even more crucial during tough times. Getting enough nutrients in your body and staying hydrated can make a world of difference in helping your mood and energy levels stay stable. Do your best to avoid skipping meals by having a schedule for a balanced breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. You may notice that as you simply make time to prepare home-cooked and nutritious food, you’re much less likely to feel on edge, overwhelmed or burnt out by your caregiving duties.


Whenever you’ve felt stressed about something, doesn’t talking it out with a trusted friend seem to instantly ease the burden a little? Spending quality time with friends and family can be a very effective tool to relieve stress. It has even been said that regularly connecting with others can improve your immune system and lower your risk for disease. The role of a caregiver is unique, which means you may at times feel alone in your trials and stresses. Taking the time to check in with friends and family gives you regular opportunities to get a change of scenery while also getting support. Luckily, today we don’t have to live near our best friends to talk with them, and a conversation across the country can be accomplished effortlessly via a video call!


Staying active and getting your body moving can be an instant mood booster! Physical activity provides endorphins or the “feel good” hormone. Combined with eating a healthy diet as we mentioned above, exercise can give you the energy to more easily accomplish your caregiving tasks, so they become less physically and mentally taxing for you. Exercise is also a great tool for clearing the mind and getting out of the slump that we all find ourselves in every once in a while. Our suggestion is to start with a form of exercise that you enjoy, whether it’s walking, biking, swimming, or something else, and prioritize it as part of your weekly schedule, even if it feels tricky to fit in at times. It’s worth the effort!

Get Enough Rest

With a role as important as caring for someone with memory challenges, it’s no question that your body needs adequate time to rest and recover. However, when it feels like all you can do is lay in bed worrying about what you still need to get done, not much rest can occur! Prioritizing quality sleep is imperative to keep your immune system strong and your energy up. In addition, sleep deprivation makes you significantly more susceptible to negative symptoms of stressful situations such as overwhelm and emotional eating. While it may take some practice, you’ll never regret making the effort to aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night!

We understand that giving your all as a caregiver for your loved one can be a big undertaking. We want you to know how much we appreciate your tireless efforts. At Central Parke Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living, our person-centered approach means we care for each resident individually. You can rest assured that your loved one’s needs are always met while they’re with us, but we want to ensure you’re taken care of, too. We hope these tips will help you!

To take a tour of our Central Parke Memory Care Community in Mason, Ohio, or for more information, contact our friendly team today!

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