New Hobbies to Try this Summer at Retirement Communities in California

Discover your hidden talents by finding a new hobby!


In a bright and sunshine-filled state like California, there is no shortage of options for outdoor hobbies. There are lots of great opportunities for indoor hobbies, too! Among our seven amazing California Retirement Communities across the state, we greatly value the chance for our residents to discover hobbies that enrich their lives. Are you or your loved one looking for a new hobby this summer in California? Keep reading to find one that’s the perfect fit!


Puzzles are a great way to exercise your problem-solving muscles. Whether you want to try your hand at traditional jigsaw puzzles, online puzzle games, word searches, crossword puzzles, or Sudoku, puzzles make a great hobby because you can work on them anywhere! There’s a great sense of satisfaction and pride that comes from completing a puzzle after weeks or months of hard work. Studies show that completing puzzles on a regular basis helps with memory and critical thinking skills. Plus, you can even have your favorite jigsaw puzzle framed and turned into a wall decoration if you want!


Cooking might seem like something you just do when you’re hungry and need something to eat, but did you know how many amazing opportunities learning to cook provides? You get to be creative while you think of new dishes, cuisines, and flavor combinations. You get to spend quality time with your loved one while you prepare a meal together. You also have the chance to try new things and potentially discover a favorite food you’ve never even tasted before! Learning to cook new dishes can instill a new sense of confidence and improve self-esteem. If you’ve wanted to improve your cooking skills, there is no time like the present to start learning! Take it recipe by recipe and in no time, you’ll be amazed at the dishes you can create.


Want to encourage your loved one to venture out and get some fresh air in the beautiful California sunshine? Walking is an underrated hobby that provides a multitude of physical and psychological benefits. Walking can improve your mood, give you more energy, and increase muscle endurance for you and your loved one. Walking, even for short distances or once in a while, is a great way to get to know your loved one and spend time together. It provides an opportunity to communicate and connect. Plus, getting out in the fresh air alone can do wonders for just helping your loved one have a better day. Sunshine really is nature’s medicine and can turn your mood around in no time!

At each of our California Retirement Communities, we know that discovering and exploring new hobbies leads to increased quality of life for you or your loved one. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; a new hobby can help you discover interests or talents you never knew you had! We hope these recommendations give you some ideas to try. We can’t wait to hear about your new hobbies!

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