Prep for Summer with Decorating Tips from 55+ Communities in Colorado

Try out some easy ways to transform your space this summer!


As summer is in full swing, we know you may want to liven up your spaces with some bright and fresh decorations. Here at Belleview Heights Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living, we have created a list of tips for decorating this summer that you can try out today. Keep reading to see how you can transform your areas with a touch of summer decor! We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Add Pops of Color

If you want your or your loved one’s living space to be full of refreshed energy, don’t be afraid to introduce pops of color! Summertime means bright skies and blossoming flowers in every color of the rainbow, so you can start recreating that same feel indoors. Need some ideas for summery colors to get started? We suggest yellow, pink, bright blue, and green. Here are some easy ways to incorporate more color into your or your loved one’s home:

  • Floral wreaths with a variety of colors
  • A brightly colored or bold patterned throw or pillow
  • A new bath mat or area rug with florals or another bright pattern

Switch Up the Scents

Whether you or your loved one prefers candles, essential oils, or a different form of air freshener, switching to summery scents can instantly transform a space. Say goodbye to strong and earthy scents– in the summer we are looking for clean, light, and floral aromas. Of course, always be sure to keep areas properly ventilated and allow for adequate air flow. Even the best smelling summer candles or oils aren’t worth sacrificing your air quality.

Add Some Fresh Plants

Fresh greenery is another instantaneous way to help a space come back to life. While artificial plants serve a similar purpose, fresh greens just add that extra special touch. If you’re looking for ideas for getting started with adding fresh greenery to your or your loved one’s living space, here are some tips:

  • Add a few medium or big potted plants to your entryway to welcome you home
  • Place a small fresh plant on the kitchen counter or on a side table
  • Introduce succulents throughout the area for small hints of fresh greenery
  • Cut flowers in small vase buds throughout your home

Still feeling a little stuck in this area? There is a wonderful article that explains how to effectively add fresh plants to every room you can think of right here!

Use What You Have

Once you have considered all the above ideas, there’s one last tip for your summer decor: use what you already have on hand! This may just mean you do some quick rearranging or organizing! Maybe you do some decluttering. Perhaps you can liven up your living areas by simply placing a bedside table in a new spot, or reintroducing some old decor items you’ve found in storage. You’ll be surprised at how new a space feels when things are tweaked just a little bit! Do some experimenting and see what seems like the best transformation.

We hope you try out some of these ideas for decorating this summer!

In case you’re interested in learning more about our Aurora memory care and transitional assisted living community, give our friendly team a call! We’re happy to answer all of your questions and schedule a tour of our wonderful residences.

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