Prioritize Your Health at Over 55 Communities in California

Improve Your Quality of Life This Summer By Keeping Your Mind and Body Sharp


Spending your golden years in the Golden State is a fun and exciting experience. With Sunshine Retirement Living offering a variety of communities spanning from Northern to Southern California, there is so much to see no matter where in the state you decide to spend your retirement! From the Sierra Nevada Mountains to pristine beaches to famous cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Palm Springs, the state is full of life, but so are our communities–they have everything anyone could ever need to enjoy retirement living in California.

With so many opportunities, it’s important to prioritize your health so you can fully enjoy them. Taking care of your mind and body is key to successful aging and overall quality of life. In our active retirement communities in California, we promote healthy living among our residents to ensure they can make the most of each day. Keep reading for how you can prioritize your health this summer at Sunshine Retirement Living communities:

Top 5 California Summer Health Priorities

Eat Intentionally
The food we eat can impact our mental and physical health–you are what you eat! Luckily, in our communities, eating healthy is easy. Our chef intentionally incorporates fresh, local ingredients, including those associated with fostering brain health, to ensure residents get the nutrients they need. A bonus is that residents enjoy these delicious and healthy meals served restaurant-style in our dining rooms.

Get Moving
We all know the importance of getting our bodies moving. It boosts our mood, helps with weight maintenance, strengthens our muscles, promotes balance, and so much more. Our residents can prioritize their health by joining in on the fitness fun–our communities offer exercise opportunities for people with varying capabilities. From weight lifting to armchair yoga to Zumba, there is something to meet everyone’s interests and abilities.

Practice Relaxation and Mindfulness
If you want to prioritize your health, one of the key ingredients is giving yourself some time to rest, recover and reflect. Your body needs a break to stay healthy, and reflecting on your actions and experiences can promote personal growth. At our California retirement communities, there are endless opportunities for practicing relaxation and mindfulness. Here are a few of the ways residents can partake:

  • Take a yoga class
  • Head to the salon for a spa day
  • Join a meditation session
  • Enjoy pet therapy

Engage Your Mind

Participating in activities that engage your mind is particularly important– it can help you stay sharp and promote your mental health. These activities can be ones that you focus and use your brain. Here are a few that our residents enjoy:

  • Completing puzzles
  • Attending educational presentations
  • Creating crafts
  • Preparing food
  • Reading books
  • Learning a new language
  • Socializing with others

Catch Up On Appointments

Regular check-ups, and staying up-to-date with doctor visits is a great way to prioritize your health. By going regularly, you’ll be able to quickly catch any health problems that may arise and find a solution quicker. All of our California retirement communities offer complimentary transportation to appointments if desired, making it as easy as 1-2-3.

Helping our active 55+ residents lead a happy and healthy life is at the top of our priority list at retirement communities in California. We offer a plethora of activities, such as chair exercises, brain-stimulating games, creative crafts, and thoughtful therapy, to help keep residents’ minds and bodies active.

Plus, our memory care communities offer a personalized Memory Care Life Enrichment Program, which includes physical engagement, spiritual support, sensory stimulation, social connections, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression to honor residents’ memories and experiences. The program activities include sensory and virtual reality therapy, socialization opportunities, music therapy, life skills stations, and more!

Want a community that will help you or your loved one stay sharp? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Contact our friendly team today to see for yourself or learn more about Retirement Living communities in California.

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