Pros of a Memory Care Facility Versus In-Home Care in Evans, GA

Pros of a Memory Care Facility Versus In-Home Care in Evans, GA


Following a trend toward in-home care, today’s seniors are showing a preference for community living

Decades ago, we saw senior care trends shift from long-term care facilities to home health services, which allowed seniors to stay in the comfort of their homes as they age. Today, retirement, assisted the living, and memory care communities have responded to the needs of the modern senior, leading to more and more seniors foregoing in-home care for community living and all of the amenities it affords.

A quick online search for assisted living near me might leave you more overwhelmed as you find that they are many options to consider for your loved one. Here, we’ve compiled some of the primary reasons our residents and their families chose Marshall Pines Assisted Living & Memory Care over home health and other options.

Built with safety in mind

While there are lots of things you can do to make it safe at home – like installing handrails in the shower and removing throw rugs – memory care communities are designed with the risks unique to patients suffering from dementia in mind, providing the safest setting of all. Some features memory care facilities offer that are generally not available at home include:

  • Consistent flooring throughout. Those suffering from a decline in balance and mobility can trip when stepping from a hard surface to carpet or vice versa. Furthermore, dementia can impact spacial perception, leading residents to perceive changes in flooring as steps or drop-offs. This can prevent them from attempting to cross “seams” between flooring or cause them to fall when stepping across.
  • Safety features in the kitchen to prevent burners or ovens from being turned on inadvertently. Stoves and ovens are a leading cause of injury for those with memory impairment.
  • Handicapped accessible bathrooms. Providing home healthcare in cramped spaces often leads to injuries in both staff and patients. Memory care communities provide spacious, wheelchair accessible bathrooms for improved safety.
  • Door alarm system to ensure residents are accompanied outside. Residents with memory impairment are at risk of getting lost or exposure to extreme temperatures, but memory care communities are designed to keep them safe by notifying staff when they go outside. This ensures a staff member can accompany them for safety.

The benefits of community

Seniors who live at home are at higher risk of isolation, especially as it becomes difficult for them to do the things they enjoyed in the past. When you choose a community, your loved one has “neighbors” they can visit without ever leaving home, a wide variety of events and activities to choose from, and common spaces designed to accommodate friends and family who visit. When you schedule your site visit and community tour, you’ll be pleased to observe lively conversation, belly laughs, activities, and gatherings to support the social well-being of each resident.

More predictable monthly expenses

Living at home comes with variable and sometimes unpredictable monthly expenses: a high water bill after a running toilet or an unexpected furnace repair, for example. Likewise, the cost of care when living at home can fluctuate depending on needs. Many residents and their families share that one of the reasons they chose Marshall Pines was for peace of mind; they know exactly what it’s going to cost from one month to the next and that rent price includes meals, care, maintenance, activities, transportation, and more.

Specialized programming

The best memory care facilities base their floor plans, staff training programs, menu options, and activity programming on the latest research on memory impairment in seniors, ensuring that all aspects of your loved one’s experience nurture their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual well-being.

To learn more about the differences between home health care and memory care communities or to schedule a tour of Marshall Pines today, contact our friendly team

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