Pros of a Memory Care Facility Versus In-Home Care in Pittsburgh

Pros of a Memory Care Facility Versus In-Home Care in Pittsburgh

Pros of a Memory

If your parent or loved one is beginning to show signs of memory loss that are posing a safety risk, health risk, or otherwise impacting their life at home, it might be time to consider a memory care facility in Pittsburgh. Here are some signs that it’s time to discuss options for memory-focused oversight and care:

  • missed doses of medication or medication errors
  • safety risks like leaving the burner on, leaving the house unlocked, or leaving the car running
  • getting lost; leaving home and forgetting the way back
  • lapses in utilities due to missed bill payments
  • poor personal hygiene, dental problems, rashes and infections in areas of skin to skin contact, skin breakdown, or bed sores
  • poor nutrition; skipping meals or eating poorly, not having groceries on hand, or having food on hand that has gone bad
  • missed appointments

Both in-home healthcare and memory care communities cater to those suffering from memory loss, but there are a number of advantages to choosing a memory care community.

Physical, Mental, and Social Enrichment

Isolation is common among older adults experiencing memory changes. Due to difficulty getting around – or worry about leaving home alone – they often spend much of their time alone. As the hobbies they used to do, like caring for the home, knitting, or puzzles -become more difficult, they become less engaged in daily life, increasing the risk of depression and a further decline in mobility and independence.

Memory care communities offer a robust monthly activity calendar catered to memory-impaired adults, which means everybody is able to participate despite their ability level. Access to and participation in these activities stimulates and strengthens your loved one physically and cognitively.

24/7 Oversight and Care

In-Home health services are often a great option for adults who need a little assistance with housework or medications, but round-the-clock oversight can be critical as memory changes advance. Twenty-four-hour oversight means that your parent or loved one is receiving nutritious meals, daily exercise, social interaction, medical treatment, and assistance with activities of daily living when it works best for them. It also means that changes in their condition are recognized right away so intervention can be discussed and implemented.

Secure Building and Grounds

Sixty percent of people with Alzheimer’s dementia wander, which puts them at significant risk of getting lost, exposure to the elements, and other frightening outcomes. Memory care communities are designed to feel like home while providing the security of your parent or loved one needs in order to stay safe. For example, the doors are equipped to alert staff when a resident leaves for a walk so they can be accompanied by a qualified caregiver and enclosed courtyards provide safe green space.

Safer Spaces

Memory care communities cater to the unique needs of patients with Alzheimer’s dementia and other memory problems. Walk-in tubs and showers, consistent, slip-proof flooring, and handrails are just a few of the ways that memory care communities support the safety of your parent or loved one.

Choosing a Memory Care Community

You can start your evaluation of memory care communities by running a simple online search for “memory care near me.” Review the websites of each facility that turns up in your search results to choose 2-3 to visit in person. Bring a list of questions to each site visit to evaluate their ability to meet your needs and provide a warm, inviting home for your parent or loved one.

About The Haven at North Hills Senior Residence

The Haven at North Hills provides around the clock personal care and memory care services for residents who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the Pittsburgh area. Our compassionate memory care program empowers modern seniors to live healthy, rewarding lives while receiving the very best state-of-the-art memory care available today with all the luxuries and familiarity of home.

We encourage you to schedule a tour to learn more about our memory care facility or give us a call at 412-599-1032 today.

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living, January, 2019.

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