Pros of a Memory Care Facility Versus In-Home Care in Tallahassee

Pros of a Memory Care Facility Versus In-Home Care in Tallahassee


Seniors have over 70 options to consider when making decisions about memory care

Today’s seniors have more options than ever before when it comes to assisted living and memory care services. In fact, a quick online search of “assisted living near me” will reveal that Tallahassee alone boasts 57 agencies that offer home health in some form and over a dozen senior living communities. This leaves most seniors wondering, “What’s the difference and which option is best for me?”

Memory care needs are unique and not addressed by all home health or senior community options. Here, we’ll share some of the main advantages of choosing a memory care facility over in-home care to help you narrow down your options and make the most informed decision

  • Safety. Memory care communities are designed with your loved one’s safety in mind. Seniors diagnosed with or experiencing the symptoms of dementia are at increased risk of trips, falls, burns, and medication errors. Memory care facilities are designed with the unique safety needs of your friend or family member in mind to limit the risk of injuries and give you peace of mind. While modifications can be made at home, such as installing handrails and removing rugs, some innate safety risks can be challenging to alleviate.
  • Security. Memory care communities are secure. When targeted by burglars and other criminals, the elderly are more likely to suffer physical injury, financial loss, and psychological trauma than younger victims. Choosing a memory care community ensures controlled access to the building and 24/7 staffing for your loved one’s security and peace of mind.
  • All-inclusive pricing. While not all memory care communities in Tallahassee follow an all-inclusive model, Azalea Gardens offers this model and complete transparency for convenience in budgeting. This gives you all the information you need to predict expenses accurately from one month to the next and make projections about long-term affordability. In-home care, on the other hand, is accompanied by all of the normal fluctuations of living at home, i.e. high electric bills during peak months, home maintenance expenses, etc.
  • Quick response time. The risk of serious medical events like heart attack and stroke increase with age, which makes it more imperative than ever before to have quick and easy ways for your loved one to request help and staff nearby to respond quickly. While home health care can be staffed 24/7, the cost is often a restrictive burden for families. Additionally, those receiving health services at home generally have to pay for additional service in order to have a panic button or other alert device.
  • Socialization. The benefits of socialization for those suffering from dementia and other forms of memory impairment are many: improved brain health, a sense of belonging, a stronger connection to time and place, and enhanced focus. Seniors who receive in-home care are at higher risk of isolation and the “ripple” effects (loneliness, depression, decline, etc.), while those living in communities have ample opportunities for socialization and all of the assistance they need to participate in activities tailored to their needs

Azalea Gardens Assisted Living & Memory Care, located on Ox Bottom Road in Tallahassee, is a beautiful memory care facility designed with the well-being of your friend or family member in mind. To learn more, schedule a site visit with our compassionate team today.

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