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Making the decision to transition your loved one to a retirement community can be difficult, but it may be what is best for both of you. During this decision-making process it’s important to do adequate research, and understand what exactly the transition entails, what your loved one wants and needs, and what communities would be a good fit. If you are considering retirement communities for your loved one, keep reading to see a few of the benefits of moving your loved one to Belleview Heights Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living, one of the top retirement communities in Denver.


Our community was specifically designed for the seniors that live here to enjoy life to the fullest while remaining safe and secure. It also has amenities that help residents stay safe. Here are some of specific the ways our community maintains security and safety for our residents:

  • Our community is designed for easy navigation and with secure entrances.
  • We have reliable communication systems for residents to alert staff.
  • We install safety mechanisms, such as locks, for all potential hazards.
  • Our 24/7 staff is able to monitor residents at all times.
  • Hand railings installed around the community to prevent falls.


At Belleview Heights, we take all aspects of our residents’ health very seriously by providing care as well as health and wellness activities. An added sense of security is that we are close to Aurora North Medical Center and Parker Adventist Hospital for any medical residents. Our retirement community promotes the health of residents by:

  • Using ionized air filtering that removes 99% of viruses, bacteria and other airborne particulates.
  • Providing various forms of therapy to help with memory loss.
  • Creating meals using ingredients that are designed to promote brain health.
  • Offering fitness classes for residents to stay in shape.
  • Stimulating residents’ minds through games, guest speakers, life skills activities, and more.

Person-Centered Care

Our community uses a person-centered care approach to ensure your loved one gets the support they need, beginning with an in-depth resident discovery centered around each of their needs, schedules, lifestyle and preferences. We help create an individualized plan to support them, day and night. We provide assistance as needed with tasks such as grooming, bathing, dressing, medication management, oral care and health monitoring. Plus, we’re on their schedule, not ours! Our community allows residents to live the day-to-day routines of their lives, such as their eating, sleeping and bathing habits, all the while supported by our dedicated, caring and professional staff 24/7.

Additionally, Belleview Heights is both a transitional assisted living and memory care community, meaning it is fit for those just starting to experience memory challenges, or those who have been living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This means that your loved one can stay in the community long-term, even with increasing need for support and care. Our continuous assessments will help us adjust their personal care as needed so they receive the best memory or dementia care in the Denver area.

Socialization Surplus

One of the main benefits of transitioning your loved one to a retirement community is the opportunities for socialization with other seniors. Not only can isolation lead to negative emotions (including depression), but also memory loss–according to an AARP article, people who are isolated have a significantly higher risk of developing dementia than those with more social lifestyles. At a memory care community in Denver like Belleview Heights, your loved one will enjoy days full of fun with genuine friends by engaging in games, clubs, classes, socials, events, and more. Social stimulation can help your loved one combat depression, feel a sense of belonging, boost their mood, give them a sense of purpose, and improve their mental health.

These are just a few of the many reasons to consider transitioning your loved one to a retirement community like Belleview Heights. Overall, it will provide both you and your loved one with peace of mind, knowing they are in good hands.

To learn more about residency at Belleview Heights and schedule a tour, please reach out to our friendly staff.

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