Reasons to Consider Our Georgia Retirement Community for Your Loved One

Find Peace of Mind When You Choose Marshall Pines Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living


Selecting a retirement community for your loved one is a big decision! We know you care about your loved one and their happiness, so you’ll spend some time choosing the right environment where they will be cared for and have the best quality of life.

We’re sure you have a lot of questions: How will you know if your loved one will be in good hands? What amenities are included? What services does the community provide to aid mental, physical, and spiritual enrichment? Will your loved one enjoy the food and have fun getting to know their neighbors?

At Marshall Pine in Evans GA, we offer an array of services and programs coupled with our dedicated staff and focus on safety and comfort. We believe we’re the perfect place for your loved one. Keep reading to learn why!

World-class Services

At Marshall Pines, we offer world-class services to assure our residents are being well taken care of and enriching their lives with us. When it comes to personal care, we work around the schedule and routine of our residents, not ourselves. Therefore, it’s essential we keep residents’ routines to ensure they feel at home, especially during the transition period of becoming a part of our community. Additionally, with the help of our incredible staff, we provide services like health monitoring, medication management, assistance with dressing, bathing, grooming, and oral care.

Stimulating Amenities

We understand that some of our transitional assisted living and memory care residents face challenging experiences like anxiety, stress, agitation, and depression. With that in mind, we want to ensure they are as comfortable as possible and engage in activities and therapy that help them feel relaxed and safe–and like they’re enjoying retirement!

Our Sensory Stimulation Therapy within our Sensory Spa is an excellent method to help our residents feel comfortable and reduce this tension. In addition to our Sensory Spa, we integrate holistic memory care programs like the HOPE BLOOMS Life Enrichment Program. This holistic approach is deeply rooted in Montessori Principles. It is designed to honor the memories and experiences of our residents by providing physical engagement, spiritual support, sensory stimulation, social connections, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression. Additional programs we offer include the Easy Move Program, Memory Care Therapy, and our Person-Centered and Collaborative Care Program.

A MINDful Diet

Your loved one’s diet has a much larger impact on the health of the brain than you may think! We develop our menus each week by incorporating recommendations from the MIND diet. Developed by RUSH University Medical Center, the MIND diet is a research-backed list of foods to incorporate or avoid because of their impact on our memory and the overall health of our brains. The MIND diet study showed that participants lowered their risk of Alzheimer’s by 53% when followed rigorously and by 35% in the participants that followed the diet moderately well. Our goal is to support our residents’ brains with their diet along with our lifestyle programs.

It’s one thing to make sure your loved one is living in a home that is safe and sound, but another to ensure that they’re living in a community that not only keeps them safe but helps them to improve their health, quality of life, emotional expression, and intellectual discovery. Here at Marshall Pines, we offer all of this and more!

To learn more about our Georgia transitional assisted living and memory care community or to schedule a Marshall Pines tour, contact our friendly team today.

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