Reno Alzheimer’s Care Center Shares Creative Ways to Show Gratitude

Use These Ideas To Show Gratitude That Doesn’t Involve Hugs or Kisses

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We all have certain people in our lives who are very near and dear to our hearts. As we head into the season of giving and the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to share some creative ways that you can show your gratitude for these folks in ways that are both safe and meaningful.

When trying to show gratitude, or thankfulness, for someone, the best advice we have to give is to be genuine in your pursuit. Take the time to decide what would mean the most to them, and how they would receive the message that you care about. The team at Stone Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care in Reno, Nevada has put together a list of ways they like to show gratitude to give you some ideas.

Write Cards and Send Them in the Mail

Taking the time to hand-write a note and drop it in the mail shows that you care because you took the time to choose personal words and write them in your own handwriting. This is also a very inexpensive way to show gratitude for those that have helped you throughout the year. You can also choose to write letters and cards to your local fire department, first responders, and police officers as well to thank them for keeping your city or town safe throughout the year. Another great option is to send cards to military personnel who are overseas and thank them for their service, or to write cards to your local hospital, doctor’s office, or even retirement home staff if you had a stay with any of them during the year.

Give Your Loved Ones a Call or Video Chat

There is something so heartwarming about an unexpected phone call from someone you love, especially if the sole purpose of the call was just to hear their voice, tell them you love them, and say that you are thankful for them. We understand how difficult it has been over the last several months to withhold from seeing your loved ones to keep them safe. We recommend that you give them a call, or even video chat if you can, to check on them several times a week, but even more during the holiday season. Keeping them involved in your family traditions and showing them how thankful you are to have them in your lives just by giving a phone call can bring the family closer together and create memories you will never forget.

Have Food Delivered to their Home

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we think love is formed in the stomach! The way to our hearts might just be through good food that we didn’t have to prepare ourselves. There are plenty of others out there who agree! If you have a close friend or relative that has really helped you out this year, consider sending their favorite meal over to their home for dinner one night as a way to say thank you. This is a no-contact way of showing gratitude that is sure to let them know you care and are so thankful for their friendship and support.

Send Flowers or a Gift Basket

If you aren’t sure what their favorite meal is, or if sending meals simply isn’t your style, you can always send flowers, a fruit basket, or a gift basket as a way to say “thanks for all your help.” As the holidays approach, you may even consider sending over a fresh wreath or garland to help get their holiday decorations started. Flowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day, and everyone loves to receive unexpected gifts!

Regardless of how you choose to show gratitude this holiday season, whoever is on the receiving end will be overjoyed with your generosity and thankful for your friendship.

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