Seasonal Allergy Tips for Our Memory Care Communities in Buffalo, NY

Tips for you and your loved one this allergy season!

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While so many of us are happy the cold winter days are past us, quite a few of us are preparing ourselves for the discomfort of allergy season! From sneezing to watery eyes, we know just how frustrating having seasonal allergies can be.

At our Juniper Glen Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living, Buffalo, NY residents of our community are supported during allergy season by our wonderful staff and community members. However, we know some of the caregivers out there would like a few extra tips for keeping their loved ones, or even themselves, from sneezing all season long. We’ve compiled a few of our best tips to keep you or your loved one in tip-top shape this allergy season.

Preventative Medications

One of our most tried and true tips is to start your allergy medication before your allergy window hits. By incorporating your medication into your routine two to four weeks before allergy season, you’re preparing your body for the season and starting preventative measures to avoid symptoms altogether. Much like a workout routine, you won’t see any changes immediately, but after a couple of weeks, breathing can get much easier! You can read more about timing your allergy medications properly in this article from the Allergy & Asthma Network.

Stay Inside

While we love to spend as much time outside in the beautiful weather, when the pollen count is high, it’s best to stay inside. You can check out your local weather channel to gauge just how high the pollen count is for any given day and prepare to stay home when the count is too high. Unsure what a pollen count is? It is simply the measurement of pollen in the air! As you might have guessed, the more pollen in the air, the more you may feel the symptoms of your seasonal allergies. At Juniper Glen, we encourage all our residents to stay inside on high pollen count days – as fighting allergies really is all about taking preventative measures!

Air Purifiers

Another really important but often overlooked allergy-fighting tool is an air purifier. Did you know that a HEPA standard air purifier can remove at least 99.7% of all air particulates? This makes it a vital tool to add to your arsenal for avoiding dust, dander, mold spores, pollen, and yes, even illness. While they certainly make air purifiers for industrial spaces, we find that for studios and spaces like those for our residents, even a smaller one can work wonders in a space. If your loved one doesn’t have an air purifier, we suggest taking a look at this list from the New York Times. What better gift to give a loved one than the gift of clean air?


A simple, yet effective way to combat seasonal allergies is to clean your home from top to bottom regularly. Removing dust, dander, and pollen particles from your living quarters is one of our best recommendations for ensuring the air you or your loved one is breathing is clean and clear. Be sure to clean your home from the very top to the bottom to ensure any dust kicked up settles on the ground and can easily be mopped up with a wet cloth or mop.

With allergy season lasting longer and longer each year, we truly know the importance of preparing for the great pollening through the spring, summer, and fall months. We hope our tips and tricks help you and your loved one breathe a little easier this allergy season!

If you are interested in learning more about our wonderful community, please give our friendly Sunshine Retirement Living team a call today!

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