Senior Apartments in Dunwoody GA Offer the Best Independent Living

Senior Apartments in Dunwoody GA Offer the Best Independent Living


Dunwoody Pines Offers hard-to-find Amenities

When you tour senior apartments for rent in Dunwoody, Georgia, there are a few things you can expect nearly everywhere you go:

  • Dining options to make meal preparation and cooking optional rather than required
  • Light housekeeping services (vacuuming, scrubbing, and dusting, for example)
  • Outdoor space open for resident use
  • Common areas large enough to host your friends and family
  • 24/7 staffing for security and emergencies

At Dunwoody Pines, our goal isn’t to meet your needs but to exceed your wildest dreams. This is your retirement and you worked hard to get here! Here’s what we offer above and beyond other communities to give you an adventurous, relaxing, and luxurious retirement experience:

  • A Greenhouse to Nurture your Green Thumb and Therapeutic Outdoor Hobbies
  • A Cozy, in-house theater to make movie nights feel like a night out on the town (for free!)
  • An all-inclusive cost model, which means you know exactly what you’ll spend from one month to the next with no surprises, leaving more money for travel and the things you love the most
  • Rooms with a view, overlooking the atrium-style dining area and bustling activity
  • Multiple floor plan options so you can find exactly what you like once you choose the Dunwoody Pines community
  • Move-in coordination to alleviate the common worries that accompany moving, like finding a realtor and coordinating the packers and movers
  • A home for your pets so you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits that having a cat or dog can offer (feeling of safety and security, decreased risk of depression, companionship, etc.)
  • A unique travel program that gives you the opportunity to stay in nearly 30 different Sunshine Retirement Communities throughout some of the most beautiful areas in the United States with access to dining, lodging, and activities at no extra cost while you’re there
  • Grand common spaces equipped with tables, pool, board games, greenery, and lots of natural light to make it easy to stay social and enjoy the company of friends
  • Unlimited access to a private swimming pool where you can enjoy a cool-down during hot summer months or an invigorating water aerobics class once a week
  • The services you need most under the same roof for your convenience: doctor, hair salon, gym, library, and computer center

Complementing the full range of amenities at Dunwoody Pines is a calendar that leaves nothing to be desired. You can expect a weekly rendition of Are you smarter than a 5th grader? and a monthly staff cook-off alongside a full stack of other creative activities to make it easy to have fun. Many residents call the community “The Cruise Ship” Dunwoody Pines due to the resemblance between this community and high-end cruise vacations.

Whether you’re seeking community living options in Dunwoody because you’re ready to put your feet up and enjoy the simple life you earned or because you want to make new friends and experience new things, Dunwoody Pines is the community you’ve been looking for. Every aspect of the community is intentional, designed with the purpose to create a warm, inviting, and fun-filled retirement that’s all about you.

Invest in you. Schedule your community tour to meet our fun, friendly team and learn more about Dunwoody Pines today – you earned it and you deserve it!

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living, May, 2019

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