Seniors Can Experience New Sights with Stone Valley VR Program

Imagination Is The Only Limit With New Virtual Reality Program

Virtual Reality Program for seniors

For many, winter is the season of traveling south to avoid the snow and cold weather. Those who planned to travel to Florida, head to the coast, or even travel internationally may be feeling less than cheerful this season with travel restrictions still in place. Family vacations are a source of lifelong memories, experiences, and shared emotions that are vital to maintaining a healthy social life. So even if travel is not possible, it’s important to find a substitute.

The residents at Stone Valley Retirement Living in Reno, Nevada are experiencing new sights, visiting their favorite vacation destinations, and doing it all safely from the comfort of their homes. The community recently launched a virtual reality program that uses an Oculus headset to transport residents to fun experiences, exciting vacation spots, and events outside of community grounds.

Research shows that virtual reality benefits folks living with Alzheimer’s and dementia in a variety of ways, but it also excites and entertains!

Travel new places while safely social distancing

Due to COVID-19, all assisted living and memory care communities, including Stone Valley, have canceled or rescheduled retreats, excursions, recreational activities, and family visits to protect residents. Even though this is necessary to keep residents safe, Stone Valley staff members still want them to enjoy their time and make sure that they are providing plenty of entertainment options for residents.

Virtual reality transports residents to a destination of their choice. All it takes is a few button clicks, and in no time at all, residents can visit the Smithsonian or see Niagara Falls. The only limit is imagination! And since VR requires no physical travel, residents can maintain social distancing while experiencing new places all around the world.

Explore new destinations with VR

Whether it’s a favorite vacation spot or a special past experience, VR brings the freedom to explore to Stone Valley residents! Those that have always wanted to travel to virtually anywhere in the world now have the freedom to do so. Residents can travel to volcanic beaches, concerts, museums, and landmarks without worrying about costs, safety protocols, or delays associated with physical traveling.

Virtual Reality offers less expensive and less physically demanding alternatives for seniors

Some seniors have always dreamed of front row tickets to a concert. Others have always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. Or maybe they’ve wanted to visit Big Ben in London since they were a child. Previously, these experiences might have been too time-consuming, too expensive, or not recommended by their healthcare provider. But with virtual reality, residents can break down all of these barriers and virtually check things off their bucket lists, without ever leaving the comfort of their community. As fun as traveling in real life is, there are some disadvantages, such as long waits in the airport, heavy luggage, crowded transportation, and expensive hotel stays, just to name a few. All of these negatives are not even a factor with virtual reality. This new technology requires no travel waits, expenses, or luggage. Residents can instantly travel from one side of the world to the other and back again without packing a single bag or waiting in a single security line. There is no doubt about it, traveling with the Oculus headset is the fastest, easiest, safest, and least expensive form of travel!

Even though traveling in real life is still off-limits, residents of Stone Valley are still able to experience new sights and enjoy new travel experiences thanks to this wonderful virtual reality technology.

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