Spring is Blooming at our Memory Care Community in Pharr, TX

Enjoy the sunshine and spring weather with these fun outdoor activities!


Flowers blooming, birds chirping, trees turning green, and most of all the warm glow of sunshine beaming down on your skin, are just a few of the beautiful sights and sounds that spring brings with it. As we step into this new season, all of us here at The Gardens At Brook Ridge Transitional Assisted Living and Memory Care are ready to help cultivate and create a wonderful experience for our residents this spring. For those of you who want to celebrate the season with us, our expert team has come up with this list of low-stress outdoor activities to help you make the most of this season:

Have a Picnic

With beautiful outdoor recreation areas here at our Rio Grande memory care community, we recommend taking snack time outside. This can be as low-stress as you’d like, but sometimes there is nothing better than fueling your body and mind at the same time. Planning a full meal outdoors can be quite challenging, which is why we recommend grabbing your favorite snack and your loved one and finding a nice place to sit outside. This fosters community and allows you and your loved one to reap all of the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. If your loved one is not in the social mood, this is a perfect way to have a peaceful moment to yourself and still spend time in our beautiful community on a nice spring day.

Play an Outdoor Game

Spring is the perfect time for you and your loved one to activate your bodies and minds with a fun outdoor game. By incorporating a game that requires both movement and fresh air into your routine, you are helping your loved one keep their body healthy in a low-impact, enjoyable way. Just a few of the many benefits of physical activity and spending time in the sunshine are helping to regulate sleep patterns, boost the immune system, and increase positive moods. If you are struggling to think of an outdoor activity for the next time it is nice out, here are a few ideas:

  • Roll or toss a ball with a friend
  • Walk around our beautiful, secured grounds
  • Outdoor chair yoga

Enjoy Nature

With all of the new sights and sounds of spring, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors with your loved one and simply observe the activity! Birds, flowers, trees, and insects are all more active in the spring, making it a great time to observe all of the wildlife near our transitional assisted living in Pharr.

Another great way to get outside and take in all of the beautiful sights of spring is through photography. We don’t expect that everyone has a professional camera, but with almost all cell phones containing a built-in camera, along with the option of purchasing a disposable camera, this is an activity for everyone! The next time you and your loved one see a bird resting on a tree branch or windowsill, try to snap a picture of it. Maybe there are beautiful flowers growing in the garden that are the perfect inspiration for a photo. If using a disposable camera, there is also the excitement of having the photos developed and waiting to get them back to see your art! Whichever method you choose, this is a great way to get outside this spring!

Start an Outdoor Book Club

Reading is a wonderful way to stay entertained and stimulate the mind, and allows you and your loved one to explore stories beyond just your own. We recommend you take reading outdoors this season! When the weather allows, head outside with your loved one and read with them in the fresh air. Not only does this build your relationship and connection, but helps you take advantage of all of the beauty that spring has to offer!

As always, make sure that when you head outside, you and your loved one are protected with sunscreen and proper clothing!

We love to take full advantage of all that spring has to offer here at The Gardens at Brook Ridge, and we can’t wait to see our residents get outside and enjoy the weather!

To learn more about our residency or schedule a tour of The Gardens at Brook Ridge, contact our friendly team today.

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