Spring Plants to Grow in Pharr, Texas Retirement Communities

Liven up your loved one’s space with easy-to-care-for houseplants


Your loved one’s quality of life and wellbeing is always at the top of mind for caregivers like yourself. From ensuring a quality diet to minimizing risks to providing engaging activities, it’s an endless search for ways to enhance your loved one’s life.

Sometimes, you’ll find that small things can make a big difference. For example, houseplants. While they seem like such a small addition to your loved one’s space, they truly can bring bounds of happiness. Not only are they easy on your eyes, but they also provide health benefits such as air purification. Studies have shown that the simple activity of caring for a house plant can increase quality of life for those in assisted living communities and boost mood.

Keep reading for low-maintenance house plant ideas from The Gardens at Brook Ridge, a Pharr, Texas memory care community.

Peace Lily

This lovely tropical flowering plant is sure to soften any room. With long green leaves and sweet white blooms, they have a real sense of peace to them – see what we did there? Peace Lilies fare well in bright but indirect light, and they enjoy weekly waterings. However, they’ll be sure to let you know when they are thirsty by drooping their leaves!

Holiday Cactus

As the name implies, the Holiday Cactus features spiky stems, often in green hues. A bonus of these is that they have beautiful bright pink blooms! While the flowers don’t bloom until winter, these plants are super easy to take care of, so you can easily help them grow until they are ready to flower – and what a treat that will be! They fare best when in a location with partial shade, and only need to be watered about every 2-3 weeks.

Snake Plant

While the name may leave you feeling uneasy, the looks of this plant won’t! With bright green, sword-shaped leaves, this plant is very unique yet easy to grow. They do tend to grow on the slower side, but are able to grow in low light or direct sun. Plus, these popular houseplants are known for air cleaning, removing toxins throughout the day.

Kentia Palm

On the larger side, the Kentia palm is an elegant indoor plant that is easy to care for. As you may assume from the name, it has slender, palm-like leaves that arch over effortlessly. These look lovely in the corner or a room to fill up the space – however, they shouldn’t be in extreme direct light. Keeping the soil moist – not soaked – is another key to keeping the Kentia Palm happy.


Perfect for a bedside table or window sill, succulents serve as stylish decoration pieces. These plants feature parts that are thickened, waxy, and usually engorged with water. With so many variations of succulents to choose from, some having gorgeous symmetrical patterns and pops of color, it’s a real adventure picking the perfect one. But who says you can’t get multiple! Not only are succulents lovely to look at, but they are relatively hassle-free. To keep them healthy, you want to make sure they are in a sunny spot, and to water them only when their soil is extremely dry.

While artificial plants may look nice, the reward and accomplishment your loved one can feel through growing their own houseplants is unbeatable! If you’re looking for low-maintenance plants for your loved one, as always, we recommend supporting local. Check out a nearby farmer’s market or nursery to get your plants. Be sure to ask any questions you may have about taking care of the plants. And be mindful of any that may be toxic to animals if your loved one has a pet.

For more information on The Gardens at Brook Ridge, or to schedule a tour, contact our friendly team today.

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