Spring Recipes to Try at our Independent Senior Apartments in Oregon

Fresh and Tasty Meals for Sharing With Your Loved Ones


After the long months of winter, there’s nothing nicer than the fresh flavors that spring forth in…well, spring! From fresh green peas to tart lemon, there are some surprising flavors that crop up during the spring months that can really stand out at dinner time, or even at a party. We know it’s easy to reach for the same recipes over and over again, but we think you might feel inspired by some of these amazing recipes we have compiled.

Though our amazing senior apartments in Oregon feature fantastic and healthy gourmet meals created by our incredible chefs, sometimes we like to find a little outside inspiration. Check out some of these delicious meals (and snacks), and let us know if you have tried any of them.

Chive and Parsley Pesto

Starting it off with a double whammy, the combination of chives and parsley in a pesto offers a really wonderful twist on the classic sauce. We love pesto on pasta, but we suggest using this one on more than pasta. Swirl it on top of a grilled chicken, or we suggest using it in lieu of sour cream on a baked potato for a bit of change-up. This recipe from The View from Great Island is very much worth the risk of trying something new. Make a huge batch and save it in the fridge for dipping into with snacks during the week, or for topping your favorite dinner or lunch. Slather some on a sandwich. Our favorite suggestion is a tomato, mozzarella, and chicken on a toasted baguette.

Asparagus Pasta

We love a good pasta dish, and this is truly one for the ages. Nothing pairs together quite like asparagus and lemon – except for maybe parmesan and lemon. Lucky for you, this recipe pairs all three in one. Light, creamy, and truly satisfying, this garlicky recipe is perfect for weeknight family dinners, and even tastes good as leftovers. We highly recommend sprinkling on extra breadcrumbs to this recipe for even more crunch.

Scallops and Peas

There’s something really special about scallops. Delightfully rich and a true favorite of many, they offer great protein and are rich in omega-3s and magnesium, both of which are great health boosters. We love this recipe from Food Republic, which pairs scallops with sweet spring peas. Bright, green, and sweet, peas sometimes can have a bad reputation for being boring. But when they are in season, there’s nothing more delicious than a big bowl of peas. This recipe brings peas to the forefront, and we have a feeling it will make peas your favorite vegetable before the second bite. The brininess of the scallops and the crispness of the peas, and those happy little chives we talked about before, marry together for a truly special meal.

Blueberry Lemon Thyme Cake

We had to end this list with something for dessert! We love Half-Baked Harvest for the twists she puts on classic recipes. This sweet blueberry loaf cake is perfect for a Friday date night, a spring brunch, or even a Sunday dinner. With the surprising mix of lemon for a little tartness and thyme for some earthy herbiness, this iced loaf cake is a true winner. Thick and hearty, swirled with jam, and ripe for sharing, we can’t imagine ending a meal without even a little bite of this delicious dessert.

We hope you try a recipe or two this spring – we think you will truly love them!

If you are interested in taking a tour of one of our amazing independent living communities in Oregon this spring, please give us a call. We’d be happy to arrange and in-person or virtual tour!

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