Spring Self-Care With One of the Best Georgia Retirement Communities

Take advantage of the fresh weather spring brings by implementing it into your self-care routines.


What is self-care? It is the act of doing things that preserve or improve one’s mental and physical health. We often think of health in terms of exercise and nutrition, and what is often left out is self-care. But engaging in self-care activities can help support active seniors in keeping up their energy and positive mindset to continue our interest in the things they love to do! Here at Creekside Pines Independent Living Retirement Community in Dallas, Georgia, we take self-care seriously with our residents. Keep reading for expert self-care tips and inspiration to try as we head into spring.

Treat Yourself

There’s nothing quite like treating yourself! Whether that looks like something sweet, something more material, or just some alone time. Think about what “treating yourself” means to you. What would you like to gift yourself with? We have a couple ideas of what this might look like for some people:

  • Buy yourself flowers.
  • Have dessert before dinner.
  • Give yourself alone time to curl up with a good book.
  • Cook your favorite meal.
  • Sleep in or take an afternoon nap.

Prioritize Your Time Outside

As the weather warms up, start making it a priority to be outdoors more often! Not only are there major health benefits to being outside in the sun, like increasing vitamin D, there are also mental health benefits as well! When we’re exposed to sunlight, it triggers serotonin production. Serotonin is the chemical in the brain found to increase mood, focus, and relaxation. If you ever thought about how you may not be as chipper in the winter as you are in the warmer months, sunlight and serotonin have a huge impact!

Here are some ways you can get outside more often:

  • Enjoy your lunch outside.
  • Find a nice spot outside to read.
  • Spend a day at the park. White Oak Park in Dallas, GA is a great spot for a relaxing walk or simply to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Perfect Your Morning Routine

Now that the sun is rising earlier in the morning, it makes it a lot easier to be an early bird! Your morning is the perfect opportunity to have some time to yourself and start your day on a positive note. Take a look at your current morning routine and see what you can tweak, add, or take out of it to make it a positive way to start your day. Here’s a breakdown of what your morning routine could look like:

  • Make your bed – Studies show that making your bed first thing in the morning greatly improves your mood and your entire day. View this as the first of many accomplishments throughout the day!
  • Hydrate – Try adding lemons to your water in the morning, this has great health benefits such as increases in vitamin C, healthy digestion, and potassium.
  • Fuel your body and mind – Read 10 pages of your current book, stretch, and/or meditate.
  • Finish getting ready – Skincare, brush your teeth, get dressed, etc. It feels good to look good!

Here at Creekside Pines, the health and wellbeing of our residents is a top priority! This is why we find so much value in the practice of self-care. And to make it even easier, our expert staff plan entertaining and positive self-care activities for our valued senior residents.

To learn more about our residency or schedule a tour of Creekside Pines, contact our friendly team today.

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