Stay Active This Season At Senior Apartments in Lake Charles, LA

Our favorite indoor workouts to keep you fit


Staying active during the colder winter months can pose a challenge for even the most dedicated athletes. From wanting to stay inside in the warmth, to being bombarded with warm and cozy comfort food, it is easy to see why most of us want to spend the colder months snuggled up under a blanket rather than getting exercise. While it is okay to spend time cozied up on the couch, here at The Verandah Independent Retirement Community in Lake Charles, LA, we understand the importance of a well balanced lifestyle, including diet and exercise. That is why our expert team has created a list of our top winter workouts to get you up and moving on those chilly winter days.

Indoor Body Weight Workouts

Body weight workouts are at the top of our list due to how accessible they are to anyone who wants to give them a shot. All you need is a few feet of clear space. Focusing on using your own weight to build muscle and strength, these workouts are perfect for those with little equipment and can be modified for any experience level. Several main benefits of body weight workouts include improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. A few great exercises for beginners are:

  • Arm circles: Stand with your arms out to both sides of your body, perpendicular to your torso. Slowly make about 1ft circles with your arms in a clockwise motion. Reverse and make the same motion going counterclockwise.
  • Squats: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing forward. Slowly crouch by bending your knees and hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Press through your heels and stand straight up slowly. TIP: for extra stability, use the same technique but squat into a chair that is positioned right behind you.
  • Step Ups: Find a chair, bench, or elevated flat surface. Put your dominant leg on the surface and step up until your leg is straight. Step back down and repeat. Then switch legs.

Resistance Band Workouts

Another great option for those at any experience level, workout bands require little equipment and can be done anywhere. Resistance band workouts are ideal for those with limited space who are still looking for a full body workout. This technique is also known to improve core strength, which can help with mobility and balance. For those of you looking for the best beginner resistance band workouts, we recommend trying:

  • Leg press
  • Tricep press
  • Bicep curl
  • Overhead press

For more exercises utilizing resistance bands, search online! There are plenty of workouts like this one to keep you on your toes.

Indoor Walking

Our final choice for indoor workouts is to take advantage of our incredible indoor space. We recommend finding a route inside of our luxury facility that you can walk and take a few laps. While this may sound simple, it is a great way to get some movement and cardio in without having to endure the cooler temperatures, rain, or wind outside. We suggest grabbing a friend or two for some friendly chatter to help pass the time!

If you love to stay active and are interested in more structured workout options, we recommend checking out one of the many exercise classes offered at the Verandah. You can find the full list here. There’s something for everyone at any experience level!

For more information on The Verandah, or to schedule a tour of one of the best retirement communities in Louisiana, contact one of our team members today!

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