Stay Productive this Winter from Retirement Communities in California

There’s no reason you can’t still be a go-getter this season!


When the days get shorter and the nights are cold, it can be tempting to stay warm and cozy in bed all day. Here at our California retirement communities, we know that staying actively engaged in hobbies can be a great defense to those winter blues. We have a wide variety of enrichment activities for our residents while they stay with us, ranging from exercise classes to movie and game nights! Here are some important productivity tips for winter to ensure you or your loved one has plenty of fun things to do this season.

Stay Active When You Can

A body at rest stays at rest, but a body in motion is a lot more likely to stay in motion! Exercise and staying active in general during the cold months can greatly help you or a loved one both mentally and physically. To start, it may be helpful to schedule movement into the daily routine, so it’s more likely to get done. From there, a little creativity goes a long way. Consider following an online workout video catered to your abilities and needs, or getting outdoors when the weather is warm enough during the day. Some simple at-home exercises that can build strength, flexibility, and endurance include: going from sitting to standing a few times in a row, using soup cans as arm weights, or turning on some music and doing some dancing!

Prioritize Healthy Meals and Hydration

A steaming cup of hot chocolate might sound more appealing on cold mornings, but it’s important to stay hydrated, even in the winter. In fact, even mild dehydration can negatively impact productivity and focus levels for yourself or a loved one. Another way to encourage productivity is to eat lots of nutritious meals. Lunches and dinners packed with micronutrients, commonly found in fruits and vegetables, tend to lead to increase in productivity and creativity. While eating holiday treats and junk food is definitely tempting this time of year, it will likely only lead to feeling more sluggish, tired, and unmotivated.

Spend time with Loved Ones

Being with those you love is important all year, but the dark days and cold weather makes quality time with friends and family even more meaningful. Including loved ones in your fun hobbies, new experiences, or even just a quiet night in watching a movie can make lasting memories you cherish forever. Participation in frequent social situations, even in small and simple ways, leads to an increase in productivity and overall quality of life. So whether you need to write a letter to a family friend or give someone a call, make that a priority this season!

Declutter Your Spaces

A final suggestion for staying productive during the winter months is finding an area or room that could use some decluttering, and making it a project to conquer! Whether it’s for you or a loved one, a clutter-free space that is clean, organized, and tidy could be just the breath of fresh air needed this time of year. A person’s physical surroundings and environment can greatly impact motivation, mood and productivity during the day. Start small, and see how you feel when your spaces are refreshed and reorganized!

At each of our California Retirement Communities, we know it can be hard to stay productive when it feels easier to stay indoors bundled up. We hope these simple tips can help introduce some joy and fun activities for you this season!

For more information about any of our beautiful California senior retirement communities, or to schedule a tour with us, contact our team today!

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