Staying Fit Tips for 2023 in Mason Assisted Living and Memory Care

Fun and unique ways to stay active throughout the year!


At Central Parke Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living in Mason, Ohio, we value and prioritize keeping our residents active! From walking club to beanbag baseball, and all the fun activities in between, we make sure our residents have plenty of activities to keep them healthy and fit.

But what about things you and your loved ones can do on your own? With a little planning and creativity, staying fit in 2023 is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Check out some of our favorite ways to add daily activity into your routine.


Not only is stretching an important way to prevent injury before and after your workout, it’s also extremely effective in keeping your muscles healthy and fit! While yoga is often thought of as complicated pretzel-like poses held for hours, the basics of yoga are simply stretching and breathing. Some of our favorite yoga poses can even be done in chairs. You can check out some poses here, but our favorites on this list include tree pose, King Arthur’s pose, and Happy Baby.

Give in to Your Inner Child!

We all know that cardio workouts are imperative to staying fit and healthy – especially for your heart! But basic cardio can get a little boring, and we can often feel stuck in a rut. Our favorite solution for getting out of a cardio rut? Embrace your inner child by jumping rope! While visions of complicated and fast jumping with heavy ropes might have you passing on this excellent endorphin boost, we have news for you: Weighted ropeless jump rope handles offer a tangle-free way to jump to your heart’s content. They’re also fantastic for those who need to remain seated, as you can still reap the benefits of jumping rope for your arms and upper body, but keep your legs still. It’s a simple, but effective way to pump up your cardio endurance.

Host a Dance Party

“You make me feel like dancing” sang Leo Sayer, and we have to agree whole-heartedly. There’s nothing more fun than gathering friends and loved ones together for a dance party. Between the cardiovascular benefits of dancing, the muscle workout, and the endorphins from listening to amazing music, dancing is an excellent way to work your body all year long. Better still, dancing is an incredibly inclusive way to exercise – anyone can dance! From complicated dances like the merengue to seated chair dancing, it’s fun for all ages and all abilities.

Hula Hoop

We may have mentioned giving in to your inner child before, but we truly love feeling like a kid again, and what better way to accomplish that than to pop out the old hula hoop? Another great tool for strengthening your core – which includes your abdominals, waist, and back, hula hooping is a silly but effective way to exercise some of our most neglected muscles. For those who cannot quite maneuver the hip movements of hula hooping, consider using a smaller hoop on your arms. An excellent way to bear some light weight and increase arm mobility, it’s equally as fun as the traditional way!

We hope you’ve drawn a little inspiration from our list, and you reap the benefits of them all year long.

If you are interested in learning more about our Mason assisted living and memory care center, Central Parke, please give us a call for a virtual or in-person tour!

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