Summer Cleaning and Organization Tips for Seniors Living in South Carolina

Forget Spring Cleaning- Let’s Organize This Summer!


It is no secret that summertime is one of the best parts of the year! From the sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather you will want to get outside and enjoy the refreshing weather. In our South Carolina Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living communities we thrive on connection and activity during the summer months! What better way to usher in a summer of fun than to declutter and clean your space? Get ready for our four top tips to clean and organize this summer!

Pick One Space a Week

It can be easy to get lost in the overwhelm of cleaning and organizing. Not to mention, where do you even start? Whether you have heard of Marie Kondo or the Home Edit, one of the easiest ways to start organizing this summer is to start with small sections. Choose a closet, the kitchen, or your refrigerator as a starting point and focus on one task at a time! Work your way through your spaces and items each week of the summer to see major improvement!

Tidy Up Before Bed

Set an alarm and clean your space for 10 minutes as a part of your nighttime routine! Whether you need to wash a few dishes, vacuum your room, or simply fold your laundry, give yourself a small but non-negotiable amount of time to tidy up before bed. You will thank yourself every night as you fall asleep!

Give Your Things a Home

Clutter tends to build up when we don’t give our belongings a specific place to live. Whether it is mail thrown on the kitchen table, or shoes strewn across the floor, it is time to give your things a certain place to live! Grab a few containers or other organizational items to start placing your papers, keys, shoes in their specific compartment. Less clutter can also decrease stress and bring a little peace to your daily life.

Create a Schedule

One way to truly stay on top of your clutter each season is to create a schedule to organize. Whether it is once a month, once every six weeks, or a completely different time frame, go ahead and take out your calendar and plan in a day to go through your things! Doing this more frequently will help you remain organized and less stressed!

Clean the Hard to Reach Places

How often do you actually clean your baseboards and fan blades? Add these easily missed items to your seasonal cleaning routine. Try to brainstorm other items in your home that are often missed and add them to the list. Some common ones are air conditioning filters, tops of cabinets, behind your stove or washer and dryer, and even underneath area rugs. Bonus points if you switch your current cleaning supplies for a safer, greener alternative!

Take time each season to go through a cleaning and organizational routine! When you do this, your mental health will become clearer and keeping things organized will be a breeze! At our South Carolina communities we strive to provide spaces for our community to engage and live an intentional life!

If you would like to learn more about our memory care and transitional assisted living communities in South Carolina, give us a call to schedule a visit or check out our website for more information!

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