Sunshine Find: Sweeat Right Protein Snack Bars

Sunshine Find: Sweeat Right Protein Snack Bars


Courtesy of Emily DeRenzis, Gelato Mama

Here at Sunshine, we know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet but we also know that… from time to time, our sweet tooth demands attention. We think we have found a perfect, healthy solution to satisfy that craving and remain guilt free in Sweeat Right protein snack bars, created by Founder Laura Sikora. Not only are they high in both protein and fiber, they are gluten free and have absolutely zero sugar. With the choices of Peanut Butter, Banana Walnut, and Cashew Coconut, you are sure to find one to delight your taste buds. We found them to be pleasantly chewy, a little crunchy and just perfectly sweet. And coming in around 200 calories each, these bars don’t miss a single mark. And if you need one more temptation to give them a try, we have a special offer just for you. Order online today using the code SUNSHINE for $5 off and begin to discover how “Sweeat” life can be!

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