Sunshine Sheds Light On The Often-Cloudy Picture Of Senior Living

Sunshine Sheds Light On The Often-Cloudy Picture Of Senior Living

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Whether it’s you or your parents who are emerging into the senior years, the decision to make a change in living situation can be quite a quandary. Should you consider downsizing into a condo, townhome or apartment? Or Is it time for a retirement (independent living) community, a nursing (assisted living) home or perhaps a memory care facility?

To answer the latter question, it’s essential to understand the difference between the three options. There is a common misconception that retirement communities are pretty much the same as nursing homes. This stems from the younger generation’s belief that they both accommodate older people, have a staff of energetic caregivers, and often look similarly serene stately and beautifully landscaped grounds on the outside.

The primary difference, however, is that retirement villages and nursing homes are designed for different stages of life, and different types of people. Retirement village residents live independently, while nursing home residents require daily assistance with personal care. Let’s take a closer look…

Independent Living

Retirement or independent living communities can best be described as residential, multi-unit complexes designed for people aged 55 years or older. They offer a range of health, leisure and support services, typically in single-level villas or multi-story “hotel-style” buildings with elevators to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. The majority of residents are capable of living independently and are generally not dependent on staff for daily help with dressing, bathing or cooking. They typically pay the monthly or annual fees themselves.

Assisted Living

Assisted living or nursing facilities provide supported living for seniors who need daily personal assistance and cannot live alone. Assisted Living frequently covers laundry and cleaning services, assistance with personal care, meals, and medication. Entry is restricted by need, and accommodations as well as services are routinely inspected to make sure they adhere to state licensing regulations.

Memory Care

Memory Care facilities are designed for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other types of memory problems. More and more Memory Care programs are being developed throughout the country to meet this growing need. Sunshine provides 24-hour assisted and health-related Memory Care services in a safe, secure, relaxed environment. We harness the power of music and other unique activities to create an environment of trust.

Everything under the Sunshine

From coast to coast, Sunshine Retirement Living hosts a variety of communities to meet your needs. In addition to Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care, all of our communities also offer temporary Respite Care and Adult Day Care when space is available for regular caregivers or seniors needing relief and assistance in transitional situations.

Sunshine’s diverse communities and various levels of care ensure that you will find a community that fits your current or long-term situation. Each of our communities also partners with local third-party care providers to make additional care available when necessary. This customization of care allows many Independent Living residents to stay longer in their chosen community as their needs change.

Stay tuned for our next installment in this series, when we’ll take a closer look at some convincing reasons why you should specifically consider whether an independent living retirement home is right for you.

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living, January, 2018.

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