Thanksgiving is not just for turkeys

Thanksgiving is not just for turkeys


By Nancy Miller

When Thanksgiving rolls around, we typically go to the old
standbys: turkey and stuffing. And speaking of “rolls,” when you start adding… mashed potatos, gravy, string beans in that cheesy sauce with French-fried onion rings, you can also count on adding “rolls” to your waistline. By the time you have added some pumpkin and pecan pie to your plate, it’s usually time for a long tryptophan enhanced nap.

We asked Chef David Slay, celebrity chef and owner of Park Ave. Restaurant in Orange County, CA to come up with an alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving meal. There are many reasons to be grateful for the recipe he shared with us. Slays’s creative renditions of traditional American cuisine and his efforts to maintain an all natural and preservative free menu has always been a way of cooking from the beginning of his career. Slay’s depth of experience, finely honed skills and passion for entertaining are key ingredients in Park Ave.’s continued success.

So dig in and enjoy his beautiful rendition of Scallops and Succotash, for your truly delicious Thanksgiving feast.

Celebrity Chef David Slay of Park Ave. Restaurant in Orange County, CA
Celebrity Chef David Slay of Park Ave. Restaurant in Orange County, CA


4 large scallops
sprinkle sea salt, fresh pepper


Pepper bacon
Splash of cream
Herb crumb topping

In a sauté pan heat the oil.
Season scallops with salt and cracked pepper add to oil and cook on each side about 3 – 4 minutes till golden or desired temperature.

In a sauté pan heat butter.
Add Succotash ingredients and sauté until tender.
Season with salt and pepper and finish with a splash of cream.

Remove the scallops onto a plate and let the pan cool a bit.

Plate up:
Take a generous spoon succotash and place on plate.
Arrange the scallop on the top of the succotash.
Finish with herb crumb topping.

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