The Best Cleaning Tips from our 55+ Communities in Oregon

“Spring” cleaning can be year-round with our top tips!


Quite the misnomer, spring cleaning should never have been reserved for just one season. In fact, a good thorough cleaning should be done all year round, at least once a season! This summer, our focus is getting back to the basics of cleaning. When the weather is so beautiful that spending time indoors cleaning our homes can feel like the worst choice, there’s nothing better than being able to knock out some cleaning in short bursts. So instead of huge projects, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cleaning hacks that take no more than a few minutes.

Luckily for our residents at our senior retirement communities in Oregon, we have perfected the art of cleaning their spaces. So take it from us, we know what it is to effectively clean! Check out our top tips below:

Everything in its Place

To keep messes from getting out of hand, the best motto to live by is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” This means keeping a small dish in your front hall for keys, wallets, and other items you need to grab before heading out the door. It can also mean hanging hooks in your closet to hold belts, neckties, hats, and bags. We suggest taking a week or so to analyze your habits, your items, and how you find yourself storing them, and coming up with a solution that works best for you. Maybe you like keeping your baseball caps on a shelf versus a hook, and in the front hall versus in your primary bedroom closet. Organization is not one size fits all, it must work for you specifically!

Clear Out the Pantry

Summer is an excellent time to take stock of your pantry, since many cozy foods like soups, pastas, cookies, and sauces are purchased in bulk during the fall or winter in order to stock up for those weeks that we just don’t feel like running to the grocery store in the cold. Carve out a 30 minute window for yourself to check the expiration dates on pantry items, replace any spices that are almost gone, and most importantly, wipe down the pantry shelves. Re-organize the shelves so items are easy to find and you can spot items that are low in stock and need replacing.

Change Filters

From air conditioners to air purifiers, water to coffee, filters need to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. For reusable filters like those found in modern window air conditioners or coffee makers, soak them in hot water to rid them of grime, and get to scrubbing. For disposable filters like those found in water pitchers or pet fountains, be sure to replace them on a regular basis, and make note of when your stock gets low. There’s nothing worse than being unable to access fresh water (whether a human or a pet) because you are waiting on specialty filters to arrive in the mail. While you’re at it, unplug any fans or standing air purifiers, or turn off your ceiling fan and take a few minutes to wipe down the blades with a disinfectant. Not only are you ridding the space of dust, pet dander, and soot, but ensuring any tiny particles like bacteria or mold spores are not spread as the fans spin!

With some simple cleaning tips, your home can be equally as sparkling as our amazing 55+ communities in Oregon. We hope you found a trick or two to start implementing in your cleaning routine!

For more information about our wonderful Oregon senior retirement living communities, please give us a call!

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