The Best Flowers for Summer at 55 and Over Communities in Ohio

Learn Which Flowers Flourish Best This Time of Year!


Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and have the potential to bring any basic landscape to life. Whether you or your loved one is a long-time resident of Ohio, or you’re newly with us, you’ll soon discover the state’s amazing blossoms. Learning about the flowers that flourish best in each season helps you decide which ones you might want to grow!

In our Central Parke Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living community, we are grateful to showcase colorfully landscaped walkways at every turn. If you’re interested in learning which types of flowers grow best this time of year, keep reading!


A widely known and popular flower (for good reason) is the tulip. These flowers get their name from the Turkish word for “turban,” which describes the general appearance of a tulip’s petals. If they’re well taken care of, these flowers can live several years. Whether your loved one prefers red flowers, yellow, purple, or something in between, they’re likely to find a type of tulip they enjoy. Tulips actually follow the sun like sunflowers, so if you plan to put them in a vase, make sure you move them around frequently!


Though the hyacinth has a unique name, you probably are familiar with the beautiful aroma it produces as you walk through parks or walking paths in the springtime. Hyacinth flowers are well loved for their bright blue and purple petals. They are tall and sturdy, which makes them great for filling a large garden with pops of bright color. The hyacinth prefers well-drained soil and lots of sunshine.


Another unique looking flower is the daffodil, which is a favorite for many. The daffodil’s bright sunshine-like hue can brighten up anyone’s day. In fact, the daffodil symbolizes good luck, rebirth, and a new beginning. When planted a daffodil can thrive anywhere from six weeks to six months. They can bloom year after year, making them one of the more resilient flowers, which is encouraging for a beginner gardener. If you want tall and colorful flowers to bring joy to your space, consider planting some daffodils!

Lenten Rose

While lenten rose petals may look similar to a garden rose, it is actually not a rose at all. This flower is a part of the buttercup family and has beautiful white, pink, and light purple tints. These plants are most successful in shady areas. While these are definitely eye-catching flowers, they take quite a while to bloom; it can be as long as three years before they flower. With that in mind, if you would prefer to plant something that develops more quickly, you might wish to choose a different flower from this list.


Our final recommendation for flowers you can plant for yourself or a loved one is the pansy. These flowers are grown best with direct morning sun, but need to be kept away from harsh afternoon sun. Similar to the hyacinth, the pansy needs well-drained and fertile soil to flourish. Pansies are great options for planting in the ground, in pots, or even in hanging pots indoors. The bright yellow and spotted appearance of a pansy gets immediate attention. They are sure to bring your living space a pop of color!

We hope this list of flowers you can grow in Ohio gives you some good ideas and possibilities for planting! At our Ohio communities, we work tirelessly to ensure our residents find joy and meaning in their everyday life and hobbies, which can include growing a beautiful, colorful garden.

If you would like to learn more about our transitional assisted living communities in Ohio, give us a call to schedule a visit or check out our website for more information!

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