The Best Tips to Avoid the Winter Slump at 55+ Communities in Georgia

Keep your mood in tip top shape this winter!


While winter weather and nature can be incredibly beautiful, the season can also introduce some challenges to our mental health and motivation. Whether you call it the winter slump, the winter blues, or something similar, many people experience lower mood and energy this time of year. Amongst our four wonderful Georgia retirement communities across the state, our mission is to support our residents in all their needs, including their emotional wellbeing. Here are some of our tips for avoiding the winter slump this season!

Get Outside and See Light

While the early mornings and nights can be dark, getting outside during the day when the sun is out and shining can be very beneficial for helping you or a loved one avoid the winter slump. Even doing simple things indoors like opening windows and drawing the curtains can boost the mood. While outside or inside, it’s important to stay warm. Feeling cold can negatively affect energy levels and can even lead to feelings of depression. Combat the cold by wearing lots of layers, keeping your home or your loved one’s home at a comfortable temperature, and drinking lots of warm and cozy drinks this season!

Talk to Loved Ones

Being social and making the effort to communicate with family and friends can be a great way to avoid the winter slump! Whether it’s a weekly regularly scheduled phone call, a monthly mailed letter, or an email from an old friend, staying in touch can almost instantly boost the mood. Talking with loved ones during the good times and the hard times can serve as a major source of support and add meaning to life.

Watch Your Diet

It can be tempting to indulge in less nutritious foods and extra treats in the winter, but this can lead to only feeling worse physically and mentally. A daily diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and fiber can help you or your loved one experience stable energy levels. While motivation can be low during the winter months, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle can counteract that with feelings of confidence, strength and happiness.

Set and Stick To a Sleep Routine

While you or a loved one might want to sleep in and stay wrapped in the covers on those cold winter mornings, setting a consistent sleep schedule and getting the day going can help bring a sense of accomplishment to each day. Sleep hygiene, or the practice of having a repeatable structure to the wind-down routine before sleep, can do wonders for quality of sleep, as well. A potential 30-minute wind-down routine could look like: stretch, wash face, journal, and some light reading. Focusing on sleep quality and quantity gives your mind the rest it needs to operate at its full capacity.

At each of our Georgia retirement communities, it pains us to think any of our residents may be suffering from the winter slump. Unfortunately, there’s no widespread “cure” or one-size-fits-all approach. Beating the blues this season takes a little trial and error to see what works for each person. However, we hope these tips of getting outside, eating healthy, talking to loved ones, and prioritizing sleep give you a great place to start for yourself or a loved one!

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