Therapeutic Hobbies For Seniors From a Pittsburgh Nursing Home

How Residents at The Haven Use Hobbies To Stay Healthy

Therapeutic Hobbies To Stay Healthy

There are a wide variety of activities offered at The Haven at North Hills, a retirement community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here, seniors can take advantage of these offerings and partake in old hobbies and learn new ones as well! Arts and crafts, yoga, or dabbling in music can have therapeutic benefits for seniors, as they often stimulate healthy brain activity and keep one’s mind and senses sharp. Whether it is practicing creative arts or birdwatching, there are many hobbies that The Haven makes it easy for seniors to engage in!

From Van Gogh to Bingo!

The arts are a perfect example of a hobby that can be therapeutic to aging seniors. From painting to pottery, residents have the chance to explore their creative sides, letting their imagination play while also practicing physical skills in their technique and application. Although simply painting a picture doesn’t sound so fancy, participating in artistic activities is actually incredibly beneficial because of the mental stimulation it provides. At The Haven, your loved ones can challenge themselves by recreating familiar sights, enjoy the relaxing nature of painting, and fine-tune their physical strength and balance while they hold their paintbrushes.

Another therapeutic hobby offered at The Haven at North Hills is game nights, where activities like Bingo, Trivia, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune are all offered. Seniors can bring their “A” game to these hosted activities, where they will be able to socialize with their friends and fellow residents, test their luck and stimulate their brains, all at once. What is…a perfect combination!

Yoga is another amazing example of an activity that is equally beneficial to a senior’s health as it is to their personal enjoyment. The Haven hosts group yoga practice, where residents can work on their balance and flexibility, as well as finding their inner “zen”. Nothing is as relaxing, as well as physically and mentally rewarding, as a few sun salutations! If this sounds like a hobby that your loved one already enjoys, or has always wanted to take up, you should consider the living options available for them at The Haven!

Finally, if music has always been a passion for your loved ones, there is most definitely a place for them at The Haven! Group singing classes like “Musical Melodies” are offered, as well as guided music therapy for memory care. The therapeutic benefit of listening to and engaging with music is a phenomenon that is universally appreciated, and these residents have a variety of opportunities to reap this benefit.

A Place (And Activity) For Everyone

At the Haven, the physical and mental health of each resident is always our top priority, and as a result, we offer a wide variety of therapeutic hobbies for residents! Whether your loved one is a sucker for Jeopardy or an emerging yogi, they will have the opportunity to pursue that hobby at The Haven.

And our professional team is not just focused on your loved one’s entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Every activity, therapy, and interaction provided is done in order to promote residents’ physical and cognitive health. Research-backed techniques and lifestyle programs are ready to support your loved ones in living their best life possible.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of The Haven at North Hills, contact our friendly team today.

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