This Assisted Living Community in Evans Makes Winter Moves Easy

Winter Moves Sound Like a Nightmare, but Marshall Pines Makes it a Breeze

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Moving is difficult at any time of the year. Packing, selling or donating unwanted items, and dealing with showings and closings aren’t most people’s favorite things to do. And in the winter, you can count on additional moving challenges: freezing temperatures, ice and snow on the roads, and shorter daylight hours. With those additional hassles, many people would prefer to put off relocating until spring.

But Marshall Pines Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Evans, Georgia, not only has great tips to make your loved one’s winter move easy, but the community also offers an incredible Easy-Move program that can make their move to Marshall Pines no problem at all.

If you’re planning a winter move to a new retirement community, these tips will help:

Keep your eyes on the weather

Winter weather can be unpredictable. When it comes time to move, you’ll likely be crossing your fingers for a clear, mild day. But you’ll have to be prepared for any winter weather typical for your climate—that could mean anything from freezing rain to ice, snow, sleet, or temperatures that could stiffen the joints and sting the skin of even the most experienced movers.

Leading up to your loved one’s move, monitor the weather report. And just in case Mother Nature surprises you with a snowstorm the meteorologist didn’t see coming, ensure you have a backup plan or alternative moving date set up with your moving company.

Plan the move from start to finish

To make sure that everyone involved in your move is on the same page, plan out all of the details ahead of time, and confirm those details with everyone. It is helpful to plan the following:

  • The deadline by which all items must be packed up, donated, sold, or thrown away.
  • What moving company (if any) will be used, along with the reservation details, payment information, and insurance coverage.
  • When you or your loved one will be an official resident of their new home.
  • What time the moving company will arrive, and approximately how long it will take them to load the moving truck.
  • The route the moving truck will take to the new destination.
  • Where the moving truck will park to unload your loved one’s items, and the route the movers will take to unload the items into your loved one’s space.
  • Who will tip the movers, and how much.

Having a detailed plan will ensure that there are no surprises outside of whatever the weather may throw at you on moving day. And if the plan is derailed by the winter weather, you can easily set up plan B.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It’s well-known that moving can be a strain, and a few extra pairs of hands can go a long way toward making it run a lot more smoothly. The good news is that nearly anyone you would like to ask for help has been through a grueling moving day or two themselves. So all of your friends and family will understand how much of a difference their help could make.

If anyone offers to help with the move, make sure that you give them a specific task to complete—that way, you’ll know exactly what tasks are getting checked off the list and what still needs to get done.

Take advantage of the Easy-Move Program

The transition to senior living or a memory care facility can be difficult when faced with the normal physical and financial obstacles caused by downsizing one’s home. To help alleviate some of the stress involved with this life-altering change, Marshall Pines offers a program that lessens the strain associated with moving. Caring and dedicated staff are available to assist new residents in matters such as real estate, financial services, moving professionals, veteran assistance, and more.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Marshall Pines, contact our friendly team today.