Top Seasonal Cleaning Tips from our Retirement Home in Georgia

Three simple tips for cleaning your or your loved one’s home this summer!


Summer is here, the grass is green, and there is nothing quite like the twitterpated chirping of birds that has us ready for the new season! With winter and a rainy spring behind us, now is the perfect time to complete a full and thorough cleaning at home–especially if you missed spring cleaning this year.

At Hammond Glen, we know that cleaning can be a little overwhelming. Our amazing team at Hammond Glen retirement community eases our residents’ minds and takes cleaning off of their plates with our weekly housekeeping services. But for those of you at home, our team has created a list of our top 3 favorite simple tips for getting started on your cleaning agenda. Check them out below!

Swapping Out Your Clothes

A simple task, but often the most exhausting one of deep cleaning, is swapping out your winter and early spring wardrobe for a slimmed down summer wardrobe. It’s hard to remember the best way to tackle the work, but with the right steps, we believe it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Pull out all of your winter clothing from the wardrobe. This should include heavy winter coats, wool pants or skirts and even suits, gloves, winter hats, scarves, and snow boots. Keep in mind that lighter sweaters or even a larger woolen sweater can be kept in the wardrobe for cooler summer days, but most items should be properly stored.
  2. Inspect the winter clothing before washing and make note of anything that needs to be repaired, donated, or thrown away.
  3. Wash, dry clean, and then properly store the items in airtight containers. Include a couple of cedar blocks to discourage moths and other insects from popping in for a snack. We love to reuse the same containers that we store our spring and summer clothes in to keep down the number of boxes we have to store.
  4. Bring out the summer wardrobe! Air out the clothing and shoes you may have stored for a few hours, and then neatly hang and organize these items in your closet or dresser. Voila – done in four simple steps!

Bedding Refresh

Much like airing out and trading out our clothing for the seasons, it’s important to do the same thing for your bedding. By swapping out heavier quilts, flannel sheets, and extra-thick comforters for lighter, more breathable summer fabrics like cotton and linen, your bedroom can take on a whole new life. Remember to launder your comforter and pillows at least once a season, and consider setting them on a clothesline on a bright sunny day to give them an extra fresh boost!

Don’t Forget

Sometimes the simplest tasks of deep cleaning are missed, but they are so important. These include:

  1. Cleaning out air conditioner filters or replacing them entirely.
  2. Changing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  3. Wiping down hard to reach areas like the tops of lightbulbs, vanities, or door frames.
  4. Re-potting and adding fresh soil to indoor plants that need a little love.
  5. Cleaning out the shelves, and fruit and vegetable crispers of your refrigerator.
  6. Making note of anything in disrepair and scheduling maintenance or bringing an item to the shop – whether a sweater that needs repair from the dry cleaner, or a lamp that needs rewiring. These little things can make all the difference in having a clean and functioning home.

With a little extra attention and some tiny tips, your home or your loved one’s home can be in tip-top shape this season!

If you are interested in learning more about Hammond Glen retirement community in Sandy Springs, GA, please give us a call. We are more than happy to answer your questions and to give you a virtual or in-person tour!

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