Tips For A Relaxing Summer at a Memory Care Facility in Mishawaka, IN

Prioritize Relaxation and Self-care with These Simple Activities


There is no better time to focus on relaxation than during the warm and sunshine-filled days of summer. Whether it be sitting outside on a nice afternoon, going for a walk, or simply exploring new ways to relax, all of us here at Heritage Point Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living want to help make this the most relaxing summer for our residents. This list of five easy tips will help to make it a summer full of growth and relaxation!

1. Listen to Relaxing Music

An easy way to relax this summer is by incorporating soothing music into daily routines. A great time to do this is at night just before bed. Winding down with music can help relieve any stress built up throughout the day and can help to calm the nervous system and slow one’s heart rate, which can help them sleep better.

2. Participate in Exercise

Exercise helps improve physical health by keeping your muscles strong and your heart healthy, but it is also the perfect way to take one’s mind off of any stressors. At Heritage Point, we offer ample opportunities for physical activity, such as armchair yoga, noodle ball and bowling. Exercise can increase mental alertness and help improve sleeping habits, both of which play a factor in relaxation. To help our residents feel relaxed, we encourage them to take advantage of our many anxiety-reducing physical activity opportunities.

3. Read a Book

Sometimes there is nothing better than diving into a world only found in the pages of a book, which is why we suggest reading as another way to wind down and relax this season. Reading can help transport you to a world outside of your own and is a low-stress activity that can be done anywhere. Reading can help to reduce heart rate, along with helping to ease muscle tension. With so many health benefits, we recommend finding an old favorite, or a new book to enjoy this summer. Enjoy some alone time, or read along with your loved one to spend some relaxing time together!

4. Spend Time in Nature

Connecting with nature has shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure within minutes of being outside, which is why we encourage both our senior residents and our talented staff to spend some time outside this summer! There are so many outdoor activities to take part in, like birdwatching, taking that book you chose to a nice outdoor location to read, or catching up with a friend over a cold drink. Whatever activity our residents choose, spending time outside is a great way to relax and is even more accessible now that summer has sprung!

Tip: If you’re planning on spending time outside, make sure to wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and any other UV protection. Also, keep water handy so that you stay hydrated! We are always happy to help our residents who need assistance with dressing appropriately and preparing to go outside, as well as offering shaded areas and indoor access when needed.

5. Incorporate Deep Breathing into Your Daily Routine

A technique used frequently in meditation and yoga, deep breathing is a great way to slow one’s heart rate and center their thoughts. Taking just a few minutes a day to sit down and focus on breathing can help to de-escalate stressful situations and can help anyone be at peace throughout the day. At Heritage Point, we offer our residents a variety of opportunities to try this technique, including classes such as meditation and yoga.

All of us at Heritage Point pride ourselves in helping our residents have the most relaxing summer through our expert care and support!

To learn more about our Mishawaka memory care community or schedule a tour of Heritage Point, contact our friendly team today.

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