Tips for a Winter Move Into a Bartlett Assisted Living Community

Winter Can be The Perfect Time to Relocate to Your Luxury Retirement Community

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Moving can be a hassle. Even in good weather, moving is likely at the bottom of everyone’s list of favorite things. And if you add in freezing temperatures, snow or sleet, and shorter daylight hours? Well, most people would rather stay put.

But winter can actually be a great time for your loved one to relocate to their assisted living or memory care community. At Quail Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care in Bartlett, Tennessee, they provide their new residents with their signature Easy-Move Program that makes the moving process go as smoothly as possible. That program, along with these tips, will take the stress out of moving day—even in the dead of winter.

Enlist your friends and family members

Many hands make light work. If you have local friends and family or some who are still lingering around from the holidays, enlist them to help with the packing and moving process. Most people are happy to lend a hand when a loved one is transitioning out of their home and into a retirement community. But in order to make the process as efficient and helpful as possible, be sure to coordinate and divvy up tasks between everyone who is assisting.

Take charge and assign specific tasks to each person who offers to help. If Cousin Mary has time tomorrow afternoon to lend a hand, be sure to give her something specific to help with. “Thank you so much! It would be so helpful if you packed up the clothes in the master closet.” Or, “You’re too kind! We’d really appreciate it if you could empty out the bathroom cabinets.”

And for that slightly-clumsy neighbor, you love but wouldn’t want anywhere near the china? Ask if he can bring over some lunch while the packing is going on.

Prepare for the weather

Keep an eye on the weather report, and make sure that you and your movers are on the same page about all of the moving plans. Confirm when they’ll arrive, where they’ll park, and what route they’ll be taking to your loved one’s new community. Be sure that sidewalks and driveways are shoveled and free from snow and ice so nobody slips. Finally, ensure you have a backup plan with your movers just in case your moving date needs to change due to the weather.

Think of the little things on moving day

Anticipating everyone’s needs beforehand can make your winter move much more pleasant. Keep extra towels, sheets, and blankets on hand just in case something unexpectedly needs to be dried, covered or padded during the move. A few extra pairs of gloves won’t hurt, either.

Turn off the heating system in the house so it’s not working overtime to heat the home while the doors are wide open for the movers (you’ll suddenly realize why your elders were always so adamant about not “heating up the whole neighborhood”).

Finally, surprise your movers with some hot drinks to keep them warm while they’re working—coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cider are all great options.

Take advantage of the Easy-Move Program

The transition to senior living can be difficult when faced with the normal physical and financial obstacles caused by aging and downsizing one’s home. To help alleviate some of the stress involved with this life-altering change, Quail Ridge offers a program that lessens the strain associated with moving. Caring and dedicated staff are available to assist new residents in matters such as real estate, financial services, moving professionals, veteran assistance, and more

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Quail Ridge, contact our friendly team today

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