Tips To Prepare For Winter In Massachusetts Retirement Communities

Preparation for the Cooler Weather with Just Three Tricks!


Winter is just around the corner, which means snowy weather, shorter days, and hot mulled cider wrapped up in chilled hands. It also means preparation for the season is upon us! Whether it’s decorating your space, changing out warmer-weather wardrobes for heftier fabrics, or taking control of your health, our retirement communities in Massachusetts can really benefit from our simple tips and tricks for preparing for winter! See below for our top 3 favorite ways to prepare for this special, peaceful time of year:

Break out the Winter Clothes.

While linen and lightweight cottons work well on sweltering summer days, it’s important to prepare your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead – though that doesn’t mean you have to put away all of your warm-weather clothing just yet!

For those of us working with a more downsized wardrobe, having different outfit options can feel like an impossible feat. However, when you pair summer staples with more winter-friendly fabrics, you can create an entirely new look. Do you love your orange linen blouse, but worry it’s going to be too chilly on your daily outside walk? Try a simple pullover cotton fisherman’s sweater over it for a Cape Cod chic feel. Want to wear your favorite dress, but worried about the chill? Try some fleece-lined leggings underneath to keep your legs toasty.

And never worry about white after Labor Day. That old fashion rule can be thrown out the window. Who doesn’t love a winter white or a crisp white cardigan with a festive plaid underneath? Having fun with fashion is the best part about it!

Get Your Flu Shot.

If you haven’t already, the most important thing you can do for your health and the safety of those around you is to get your flu shot! Boasting 40 – 60% efficacy rate in preventing the flu alone, the flu shot is an easy way to prepare your immune system for flu season in the upcoming months. Not only does it protect you from the flu, but it also helps keep transmission rates down – especially in vulnerable populations like pregnant people, children under the age of 6 years old, and the immuno-compromised. The best way to show someone you care about them, is to do your best to protect them from harm.

For those hesitant to receive the vaccine, or perhaps who have never had it, the CDC lists some really great benefits that you can read before you make your appointment.

Decorate Your Space.

Winter decor doesn’t have to break the bank, be complicated to create, or even be related to the winter holidays at all! Some of our favorite winter-inspired decor is simple and easily crafted. Try creating a faux evergreen wreath that can be used all winter long. Keeping it simple means it will last you through the holiday season all the way until temperatures rise in the spring.

If you’re more into tabletop decorations, try an abstract arrangement using structural white birch branches and wispy evergreen branches. This crisp arrangement looks modern and stunning in any season.

Love the look of winter but not interested in being a plaid-clad, flannel-holic? Try decorating with a small dish of acorns or pinecones for forest-inspired looks. You can also break out any small collections you might have. Foxes, deer, rust-colored feathers, plaid, faux fur – all evoke a sense of winter warmth without screaming it.

Winter in New England is always such a magical season, and with a little preparation, you too can have a fantastic fall in our retirement communities in Massachusetts.

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